Why You Should Pursue the B.Voc in Graphics and Multimedia Course at SPICE

Often find yourself fiddling around with design software and thinking of making it your career path? Well, you’re in the right place.

St Pauls Institute of Communication Education offers the Bachelor of Vocational Education (Graphics and Multimedia) (B.Voc Graphics and Multimedia) course for a few years now, and is affiliated to TATA Institute of Social Sciences (SVE).

The course extends over a period of 3 years. Each year, consists of two semesters. Not required . But in a course like this, you will learn almost everything about graphic designing,animation, 3D modelling and alot more  from the theory to the practical.

We’re going to break down a few important things in the B. Voc in Graphics and Multimedia course that would excite almost anyone who aspires to get into the field of Graphics and Multimedia. .

Here we go.


This is unique to St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, Mumbai. After the semester is over, students then have to complete 360 hours of internship.

For the first semester, students intern within the institute itself. The internship runs for approximately 2 months on campus. Each day, students are given tasks to complete. These tasks include designing creatives as part of campaigns for the institute, designing creatives for social media and even creating posters, banners and logos for the institute’s media festival, Mediathon. While the students do intern within the institute, we also keep the option open to provide internships externally as well for those who would like to explore options in the first semester itself.

Through these internships, students get extensive experience in designing creatives on-the-go and to get a peek into what work life is really like.

Here are some examples of what our current F.Y.B.Voc students designed during their internship in the first semester. Pretty cool, right?

graaphics and multimedia course

Further, by keeping up with numerous deadlines, the B. Voc in Graphics and Multimedia students garner good time-management skills, which is something that’s very important at any workplace.

After the first semester, SPICE provides internships to the students out in the industry. Since the institute is known for its bespoke industry connections, our students often benefit from this.

Internships not only gives them  first-hand experience with working in a company, but it also facilitates in helping students make their own connections, which could possibly lead to permanent placements later.


Before 3D Modelling and Animation even came into the picture, there was the good old-fashioned image editing. This still remains at the very heart of every graphic design course and the B. Voc in Graphics and Multimedia degree at SPICE is no exception.

What’s more, you won’t only be listening to long lectures, there’s also extensive practicals in class, that will help you get the hang of using image editing softwares. If you design some awesome creatives, you can even use it in your portfolio.

Some of the softwares that you will be using for professional image editing are those that are used extensively in the industry:

Learn from experienced faculty on all the nuances and shortcuts of using softwares like these and you’re well on your way to designing top-notch creatives that will give you the edge over your competition.


If you’re looking to work in a film production house or simply learn to edit your own videos, then this course has got you covered. Some of the modules in the B. Voc in Graphics and Multimedia course at SPICE is curated specifically for learning the tools of the trade when it comes to video editing.

For this, you will learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, the number one video editing software which is used extensively in media houses and film production companies.

And that’s not all. The cherry on the proverbial cake is that there are supporting modules that will help you create scripts, shoot the video and lastly, edit it. So, at the end of it all, you will be fully equipped to script, film and edit videos. And in this day and age, to have an edge over the rest, it is important to know all aspect of video production, from start to finish.

Besides Adobe Premiere Pro, you will also learn to use Adobe After Effects. This is a software that is often used to add additional effects to videos, during the post-production phase.

So for video editing, you will these softwares extensively:


Ever wondered how those cartoon characters are created? Well, those are actually motion graphics.

Creating motion graphics aka. Animations is one the most desired skill sets in the media industry . Besides image and video editing, it is also necessary for graphic design students to learn the nuances of creating animated characters.

There will be assignments where you will have to use your knowledge of creating animated graphics, as well.

For this, you will learn to use Adobe After Effects and learn the ins and outs of this software to become a professional animated graphic designer.

For creating animations, this is the software you will use:


Anyone interested in graphic design knows how relevant 3D Modelling is. This art has become increasingly popular over the years and it’s almost impossible to make amazing movies like The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. True, it was Benedict Cumberbatch’s character and all, but… okay, I’m digressing, but you get the point.

Now the process of developing this brilliant mathematical representation of any surface of an object in to three dimensions is something you will learn in the B. Voc in Graphics and Multimedia course at SPICE.

Master the basics of 3D Modelling software and you’re set to work anywhere.

The software you will learn for 3D Modelling is:

  • 3D Max


Needless to say, there is huge scope in the graphic and multimedia industry. But, one sure-shot way of entering this industry, having a competitive advantage is by doing the B.Voc in Graphics and Multimedia course at SPICE.

The reason is obvious: you’ll have theoretical and practical knowledge. With massive exposure through internships, you will be job-ready.

So, if you want to know more, go visit our website here or give us a call on +91-22-26435709. We can’t wait to hear from you.


  • Odell is a Digital Marketing enthusiast and specializes in Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing & much more. He is also the Digital Marketing Manager at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education & founder of Rightly Digital, an online platform that helps people achieve their marketing goals

Why You Should Pursue the B.Voc in Graphics and Multimedia Course at SPICE
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