Why should you join the Advertising Course at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education – SPICE

The advertising industry in India has seen rapid growth over the past 10 years. According to statista.com, the industry is projected to reach up to 700 billion rupees by 2022 and its growth rate has been at around 11.59 percent in the time frame above.

So if you’re considering pursuing an advertising course to enter this field, then you have certainly made the right decision. 

So, what makes the postgraduate course in Advertising & IMC at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, or as we love to call it SPICE so unique and different from all the other courses on offer in the country? In this article, we are going to discuss just why you should strongly consider joining SPICE to make a successful career in advertising & marketing

Industry Connect

This is of crucial importance if you want to make a head start in the field of Advertising & Marketing. Our professors and visiting faculty are from the advertising industry. They ARE NOT  full-time teachers but are passionate about sharing the knowledge of their craft.

In other words, what you learn and the professionals you meet in the college are the very same people you will be working with and interacting with within the real world when you step out of our portals. 

SPICE has collaborations and faculty from agencies such as

A healthy alumni network ensures that this list is constantly increasing.

Practical Assignment Based Learning

At SPICE we believe in practical implementation rather than just theoretical learning. Everything that you learn in the classroom, in the first half of the academic year is implemented in the second half through live client projects. 

The clients are real and not hypothetical and you are treated by them just like you would be in the real world.  And of course the culmination of the academic year also ends with creation of a two-minute ad film. 

A challenge, not just a test of your creativity.  As the judges are leaders of their craft from the industry.  Critical feedback is welcomed and quite a few students have had job offers after doing their presentations.

Guaranteed Internships at Advertising & Marketing Agencies

The best way to enter the world of advertising and marketing is by getting an opportunity to showcase your skills through an internship.   

While the advertising course at SPICE ensures that you are job-ready, we take it a step further and guarantee you get to intern for at least 2 months at some of the most renowned agencies in the country.

In fact, most of our students end up securing full-time positions because of the training they receive and the connections they build in college.

Exclusive Masterclass Sessions

St Pauls Institute of Communication Education is constantly innovating and for the last few years, we have invited industry stalwarts from the field of journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations, and media to address the students in the form of master classes.

These sessions are conducted almost every month and students get a chance to interact and gain deep insights in the field of their choice. We have now thrown these sessions open to our alumni too.

The most recent masterclass was by Padmashri Sudharak Olwe, a photojournalist, internationally recognized Photographer, Writer, Author.  He is a well known chronicler of the lives of the marginalized, the poor, and the deprived, recorder of stories of resilience, courage, and change, traveler, TEDx speaker, National Geographic awardee for the All Roads Photography Program.

You can check his masterclass session on our YouTube Channel embedded above

This particular masterclass gave deep insight which was not only relevant for photojournalists, but for advertising students as well.

Sudharak explains the storytelling concepts behind every photograph. He speaks about empathy, emotions, planning, and then telling a story through your pictures.

A Cohort of Media Professionals to Help You Grow

One of the unique aspects of the advertising course at SPICE is that you get to interact with not only experts and students from the advertising and marketing industry but also with individuals from other fields of media such as public relations, corporate communications, journalism, digital marketing, photography, event management and so on.

This helps you build strong connections with fellow students and professors from diverse media fields and will come in handy in the future when you work as an advertising professional.

Opportunity to Build Your Digital Footprint from College Itself

At SPICE, we understand the power of digital channels, which is why we have to build a digital interface on multiple platforms. The aim is to create your digital footprint that will help you gain the skills and get more opportunities while you’re in college itself.

We have created four core platforms to help all our advertising students stand-out from the crowd.

  •   Spice Enquirer – India’s only student-managed media website
  •   The Media School Podcast – A podcast channel created for our students
  •   SPICE YouTube – Where our students can create engaging content, AD Films, Interviews, Reviews in Video Format
  •     SPICE Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn – Our students are encouraged to create content and amplify their reach using our official Social Media Accounts

With the help of Spice Enquirer and our other Digital Media, students get their own author IDs and create their portfolios which not only helps them work on the advertising concepts they learn but also helps them secure full-time jobs at advertising agencies.

You Learn How an Advertising Agency Works

At SPICE, the learning begins when the theory is done. Our live client project encourages our advertising students to understand how an advertising agency REALLY works.

Understanding the clients’ goals and objectives. Working on pitches and gaining insight on how to get a client’s approval.  How to cope with your ideas being shot down and learning to ignore the scraped knees and run again. 

 You will be exposed to the reality of what it takes to not only survive but thrive in an advertising agency. 

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into the advertising life, but there’s very little that can match up to the satisfaction of seeing your ideas helping client brands grow. 

Complete Digital Marketing Training 

We believe it is absolutely essential for every advertising student to get in-depth training in the field of digital marketing

This is why we have introduced a complete digital marketing module as a part of the postgraduate course in Advertising & IMC. 

Students will get trained by digital experts and learn different skills in the field of Digital Marketing, such as: 

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging & Content Marketing
  • Website Development (WordPress)
  • Affiliate Marketing & Influencer Marketing
  • Copywriting 
  • YouTube Marketing

SPICE is one of the very few media colleges that offers an in-depth digital marketing module as part of the advertising course. 

Graphic Design Training 

Another skill that will set you apart from the crowd in the advertising industry is having graphic design skills. 

Our students are trained to not only understand the theory and principles of Graphic Design but are also taught how to create stunning advertising marketing collaterals using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

Even if you want to get into other fields of advertising such as client servicing, account management, copywriting, and so on, training in graphic design will help you communicate and coordinate with the graphic design team more effectively.

Understanding design principles and being able to practically implement them will set you apart from your peers in the advertising world 

Opportunity to Work on Your Own AD Film as Part of the Course

An integral part of the course at SPICE is the AD Film that our students work on at the end of the course. 

Students need to implement all that they learned as part of their course into creating one final product TVC. 

From ideating, learning about lighting, camera angles, scripting, directing, and editing, the AD film becomes a vital part of their already robust portfolio. 

Here are some of the AD films that our students have worked on as part of their course

This was a spin-off on the popular food brand, Burger King. Students worked with a professional team of film-makers to create this funny ad on the popular brand.

Muscle Slay gives homage to the hard work and dedication that a mother puts to take care of her family. The actual product is a nutritional product however are students wanted to focus on story-telling rather than just focusing on the obvious product features. 

 PNB GetLife Insurance is a funny take on the importance of getting insured. Targeting a young audience, this advertisement stands out from the more serious tones of fear that most insurance companies employ for their marketing. 


We have only covered the surface-level advantages of why the advertising course at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education is one of the best courses in the country for media students. Nearly every student who has been a part of SPICE now holds a high posting in the advertising industry.

If you’re interested in make a career in advertising and marketing, this is the perfect option for you. 

To know more about the PG course in Advertising & IMC, click on the link here

Why should you join the Advertising Course at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education – SPICE
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