Why join a postgraduate media course from St Pauls Institute? (SPICE)

The media industry in India has never grown in such an exponential manner before and is considered a sunrise economy that is taking leaps and bounds to become bigger. With the advancement of technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure, we are currently experiencing a rapid boom in the importance of media. As per the BCG report, India’s Media and Entertainment industry is projected to grow between US$ 55-70 billion by 2030.

So what does this mean for you, a media student, a media graduate, or a media professional? Well, this is the best time to be in the industry and grow along with it. And how does one enter this dynamic field? The best way is to get into programmes that are media-centric and have a fair balance between theoretical knowledge and practical understanding and application. That’s exactly what a postgraduate course can do for you. 

Postgraduate courses are a great way to enhance your skills and holistically ensure your development. Apart from the added increase in knowledge, one can expect to learn things practically by getting opportunities to implement what you learn in the classroom. It is an amazing way to show yourself as an individual that is focused on upskilling and has an innate and consistent need to keep getting better at what they do. 

Why should you choose St Pauls Institute (SPICE) as your go-to destination for pursuing your post-graduation? 

St Pauls Institute (SPICE) was built with the understanding that in order to be successful in the media field, it is crucial to not only match but surpass the requirements and expectations of this ever-changing industry. To fulfill this need and to create exceptional media professionals, we offer 3 postgraduate courses, focussing on transforming you into the ideal and competent media professional that the industry desires. The professional courses offered are:

Postgraduate Program in Journalism:

Designed by veteran journalists, this 10-month, the full-time course caters to the media landscape and trains budding professionals across print, broadcast and digital platforms to transform them into journalists of the highest calibre. 

The course focuses on striking a balance between theory and practical, be it learning the principles and practices of journalism or reporting, anchoring and editing. SPICE ensures that the students are trained proficiently and are given the best environment possible to make them newsroom-ready and game-changing journalists. 

Our alumni have been placed in top media houses and news organizations like: 

Whether you aspire to be a sports journalist, investigative journalist, reporter, anchor, photojournalist or get into the beat of lifestyle, business or civic, the faculty, facilities and opportunities provided by St Pauls Institute of Communication Education can help you accomplish your career goals

Postgraduate Program in Advertising and IMC:

By far one of the best advertising courses in Mumbai, this 10-month, the full-time course has been carefully designed and crafted keeping in mind the dynamic nature, evolution, and requirements of the advertising industry. The course will cover the foundation of mass communication, and nuances of communication techniques and will polish you with in-depth knowledge of copywriting, brand management, media planning and buying, and other core areas that make up the whole advertising industry.

SPICE offers you one of the best PG courses in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication and ensures that by the end of the programme, students work on a live project to apply their knowledge and their work is judged by a jury of industry professionals.

The course also guarantees internships in some of the best agencies in Mumbai which include: 

Postgraduate Program in Public Relations:

For individuals who feel that consulting, communication and creating and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders is something they excel in, then the PR and Corporate Communications course is the best they could ask for. 

The 10-month course is designed strategically to nurture and train PR enthusiasts into powerful and competent communicators and consultants who are proficient in creating, managing and sustaining stakeholder relationships in both, the online and offline platforms.

The course includes theoretical aspects like fundamentals of PR, verbal and written communication skills, consumer behaviour and marketing. On the other hand, technical and aspects of media engagement, digital media, data analytics, client management and crisis communications are taught to make them job-ready and better equipped to handle the industry requirements.

Another highlight of this course is the internships. St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education upholds quality and provides internships at Mumbai’s best PR agencies for its students. The agencies include:


  • Veteran Faculties From The Industry
  • State of The Art Media Infrastructure
  • Focus on Practical Based Learning 
  • Guaranteed Internships
  • Masterclasses by Industry Experts
  • Relevant and Constantly Updated Syllabus 
  • Placements in The Best of Media Companies
  • Live Client Projects to Gain Competitive Advantage


We, at St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education, believe that quality is an aspect that can never be compromised in the media industry. The future of media and by extension, society to a great extent depends on the media professionals that will become a part of the workforce in the future. For that, media enthusiasts and students need to be taught, trained, and moulded in the manner that the industry requires them to be from a long-term point of view. 

The postgraduate programmes provided at St. Pauls Institute (SPICE), are planned, designed and executed with the vision of making every student a competent, qualified and dynamic media professional.

So, if you feel that media is your calling and aspire to be the best, then St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education is the right place for you.

Why join a postgraduate media course from St Pauls Institute? (SPICE)
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