Top 7 Journalism Colleges in India

Media, especially Journalism is considered as the watchdog and the fourth pillar of democracy. Journalism as a career has always been a respectful, lucrative, and a passion-oriented career. In today’s time, with an overflow of information with almost little to no regulation, journalists play a major role in molding society based on the narratives they create. In that sense, journalists are shaping how society evolves. With this huge responsibility on their shoulders, the industry definitely needs efficient and effective journalists to ensure we grow and develop better.

Here is the list of the Top 7 Journalism Colleges in India that you can choose from to start your career as a Journalist and to put your effort in shaping how our society evolves: 

Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

Asian College of Journalism

The Asian College of Journalism situated in Taramani, Chennai is lauded as Asia’s premier journalism institute. ACJ tasks itself with creating journalists who are capable of imbibing all necessary professional skills and also embrace the knowledge, integrity and social commitment that makes outstanding journalists.

ACJ currently offers two, ten-month postgraduate diploma courses. One is Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism (Integrated Course) and the other Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Financial Journalism. 

PGDM (Integrated Course) is a New Age curriculum which blends the offline and technology-enabled methods of newsgathering and dissemination. The updated curriculum also includes the ‘How To’ aspect of journalism and builds a critical and reflective view in the students. 

PGDM in Business and Financial Journalism is a collaboration between Bloomberg- the world’s biggest news organisation and ACJ which offers aspiring journalists to learn from the best professionals and cutting-edge technology for a rewarding career in financial journalism. 

The students first build a foundation of principles of the subject and scale up to gaining authoritative knowledge to write with finesse on a range of finance-oriented topics. 

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, known as IIMC is committed to serving society by providing world-class teaching conducted using a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application to prepare students for the challenges and requirements of the highly competitive media industry.

IIMC currently offers a 1-year postgraduate diploma course in Radio and TV Journalism. The course aims to acquaint the students with conceptual understanding and on-ground training with professional skills. The curriculum is intensely practical oriented and has strong industry linkages to provide an understanding of Radio and TV Journalism.

Besides the 1-year PG diploma course, IIMC also offers 10-month PG diploma courses in Hindi Journalism, English Journalism, Odia Journalism, Urdu Journalism, Marathi Journalism and Malayalam Journalism.

The variety of specialised courses and the dynamic learning and working environment helps nurture new ideas and develops leaders and innovators in the field of journalism.

St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education, Mumbai

St Pauls Institute of Communication Education

St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education is a premier media institute located in Bandra, Mumbai. One of the fastest growing media institutes, commonly known as SPICE believes in creating industry-ready media professionals and change makers who not just work efficiently but are also a positive force in society.

SPICE currently offers a 10 month full time PG Course in Journalism. It aims at training budding journalists with an in-depth understanding of the field and inculcate in them the skills required for being the journalist the society and the industry needs. The course will cater to the multiple platforms available and would also instill in students about the in and outs of being a newsroom/media ready journalist. 

What makes the institute stand apart are its progressive ideology and its extensive technical infrastructure. The course is designed, executed and supervised by industry experts who ensure inculcation of thetheoretical and practical aspects of what goes into being a journalist that knows their responsibilities towards the job and towards the society. 

Xavier’s Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai

Xavier’s Institute of Communication is a prestigious professional media centre that offers a variety of courses and resources in training and production. Lauded as one of the top media institutes of Journalism, XIC has made its mark in the educational sector and has received multiple awards and recognitions.

XIC currently offers a 10 month full-time Diploma Programme in Journalism and Mass Communication. The programme examines the principles, practices,s, and responsibilities of journalistic reportage and how the lines have blurred between traditional media and new media.

The course equips and enables students to have diverse skills by acquiring the requisite knowledge and context to become future journalists and reporters.  

Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bengaluru

Indian Institute of Journalism and new media

Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, also known as IIJNM is among the leading post-graduate schools of journalism and media. The institute offers a curriculum develolped in association with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York. 

Currently, IIJNM offers three 1-year postgraduate diploma programmes in Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, and Online/Multimedia Journalism. The excellent curriculum combines both theory and practicals to prepare students for positions in the media industry. The programmes for print, television, radio, and multimedia journalism embody the best practices in the media industry and technology.

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

The Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication also known as AIMC was established in 2003 to cater to the increasing demand of students interested in pursuing a career in Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations. 

AIMC currently offers a 1-year full-time postgraduate Diploma course in Television and Radio Journalism/Production. The course aims to provide an integrated overview of radio and TV Journalism with major emphasis on understanding the art and craft of the audio-visual world.  

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, media resources, industry oriented curriculum; AIMC becomes a great place to learn how to become the journalist that society and the industry need. 

Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam

Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam

The Manorama School of Communication situated in Kottayam, Kerala is one of the premier journalism training institutions in the country. Created under the wise guidance of acclaimed journalist KM Mathew, the institute aims at teaching journalism the way it should be: with a hands on and no-nonsense approach and without the frills and hype. 

MASCOM currently offers two full-time 10-month programmes. One is PG Diploma in Broadcast & Digital Journalism and the other is PG Diploma in Print and & Digital Journalism. 

The courses at MASCOM give utmost emphasis to hands-on training while ensuring that the students acquire a solid grounding in journalism theory. The courses aim at producing journalists of substance who will become fully functional members of the media industry in the shortest possible time. 


Here are the top 7 journalism colleges in India


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Top 7 Journalism Colleges in India
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