The Spice Enquirer, an initiative by St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, ensures that our students have a platform to apply all that they have learnt in a practical an efficient manner. 

Whether it is News in the field of Journalism, Advertising or Public Relations, trending articles, campaign reviews, tips and strategies, you will find it here on the Spice Enquirer. 

The Spice Enquirer is not just any ordinary website, it is a site that is on par with other notable media sites with the uniqueness of being completely handled by the brightest and the best students in the city, aka, the students of St Pauls Institute of Communication Education. 

So if you want to get all the buzz at your fingertips – Subscribe to the Spice Enquirer Now




  • Odell Dias

    Odell is a Digital Marketing enthusiast and specializes in Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing & much more. He is also the Digital Marketing Manager at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education & founder of Rightly Digital, an online platform that helps people achieve their marketing goals

Spice Enquirer

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