SPICE Celebrates it’s 5th Birthday!

Today is a day of pride and joy for faculty, staff and students of St. Paul’s Institute of Communication Education as the institute completed it’s 5th year. The event called for a little party at the Alberione Hall which was decorated not just with balloons, but with smiling, happy faces.

Fr. Reynold Pascal, Assistant Director of SPICE, kickstarted the party followed by introducing Erika Sequeira. Erika shared her emotional journey at SPICE with everyone and spoke about how her job was so much more than sitting at the reception desk. Her happiness being associated with the SPICE family was very evident.

Then came SPICE’s iron lady, Carol Andrade, the Dean who spoke about SPICE’s roller coaster journey. Her eyes were beaming with pride with how amazingly the Institute has grown. Fr. Dominic, Director of SPICE, spoke about the institute’s development and some new and exciting courses it will offer very soon.

Everybody was also treated to a video on the history of St.Paul’s and how the St. Paul’s Institute of Communication has reached new heights internationally as well. It was a double celebration as Christopher McMahon, SPICE’s go-to computer genius, shared his birthday with the Institute. The party was wrapped up with Christopher cutting a cake along with the rest of the faculty.

SPICE Celebrates it’s 5th Birthday!
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