Media Exhibition || St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women || SEPT 27, 2019 


A carnivalesque aura was felt in the Alberione Hall of St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women, Mumbai on Friday 27 September. The place lit up with special lights for the exhibition on the History of Media. The exhibition titled, Understanding Media: An exhibition on media discoveries was conducted by the first year undergraduate students of the college.

The entire exhibition was divided in to five themes and each theme was presented by a student group. The first team dealt topic on The Rise and Fall of Theatre. They unfurled the history of theatre in India to the students. The second group dealt the theme of The Evolution of Radio. The use and importance of Radio was broadly explained in their show. Further, the third group presented the theme: the History of Television. The students, themselves being huge television lovers were deftly able to relate to it. The next group dealt the topic of Evolution of Cartoons. Through their presentation they unfolded the creation of Cartoons and how they were came into existence. With team member Caroline dressed as a Disney princess, made the presentation livelier. They also asked children about their favourite cartoons, to which, they got some surprizing answers.

Last but not the least the topic presented the topic on Social Media. The group made accounts on different social media applications to illustrate the function of each. They elucidated the importance of social media and also asked the students their take on it. Following, the faculty and the students of the SPICEFW family also toured the stalls and checked all the hard work the students had put in.

Participation certificates were distributed to all the students who put in efforts to make this event a huge success.

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