Maharashtra HSC 12th Result 2018 about to be released, what next?

The Maharashtra HSC 12th Result 2018 will be released any moment now and we bet that tensions are running high to figure out what to do next. The possibilities of your next step in undergraduate courses are endless, and the pressure to choose can be a bit overwhelming.

We get it. We’ve all been there before. So, we’re here today to help ease your workload by offering you some choices, you may not have thought of.

Since you’re here, we’re sure you’re interested in media. Who isn’t? It’s cool and almost everyone wants to do it. What’s more, this field is extensive and has many paths to choose from, along with interesting job opportunities and scope.

So, if you’re someone who’s creative, then you may want to consider going down the mass media route, after you get your results.

Mass communication is a broad term. It is not bound only to journalism and advertising. Mass communications encompasses media used for varying purposes and there’s something in it for everyone.

So, here’s 5 media courses you can do:


Journalism is a fundamental part of a mass media course. In fact, ‘the fourth estate’ is a term used to describe the press and journalism, at large. Aptly so, journalism is a platform for objectively reporting important matters, as well as a mouthpiece for common people to express their opinions.

With a B.Voc in Journalism, you will learn to discover news, interpret it, report it and critique it. Most undergraduate journalism degrees prepare students in news writing, both for newspapers and television channels, photojournalism, and media ethics and law. You will also learn about more niche journalism fields like photojournalism and radio journalism as well.

Click here, for more information on B.Voc in Journalism.


The Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M) has been an all-time, popular favorite among many, when choosing a stream to pursue after the HSC 12th results. Unlike its Arts, Commerce and Science counterparts, the B.M.M course is quite diverse. Typically, by pursuing this course, you will learn about the plethora of media platforms used by the masses, be it print, broadcast and even radio.

Unlike the other mass communication undergraduate courses, students who choose to do B.M.M., will have to further specialise in journalism or advertising, based on their interests.

Learn more about Bachelor of Mass Media courses here.


If you love to design posters or brochures, then why not get a degree on it? The Bachelors in Graphics and Multimedia course is a degree like none other. You will skillfully learn how to use top-notch design softwares like Photoshop and InDesign, which are used in a variety of businesses across the globe.

With multimedia on the other hand, you will learn audio and video editing, 2D and 3D animation, MAYA fundamentals, basics of accounts, muscle systems, 3D modelling and advanced modelling with the z-brush, livelihood and finishing school. With these skills and degree, you will be equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge, to take on the challenges in the industry.

Learn more about B.Voc in Graphics and Multimedia here.


The Bachelor of Media Studies is an intensive eight-semester program that focuses primarily on the use and interpretation of current and emerging media. With such a degree, you will be equipped to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the media used extensively in several industries, like entertainment and even marketing.

With a BA in Media Studies, you will learn to inculcate critical, creative and analytical skills, which are crucial to examine the usefulness of media and its roles in businesses. Media theory, history, criticism and pop culture are some of the core learnings in this degree.

Interested in a BA in Media Studies? Go here for more details.


Don’t be intimidated by the Bachelor of Science tag, that this degree carries. Like many of the courses mentioned above, the B.Sc in Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising focuses on the development of basic journalistic skills, but more importantly on media research, a crucial component of media studies.

If you wish to pursue this degree, you will learn the theoretical and practical use computer applications, softwares and hardwares which are relevant to different media platforms.

If you want to pursue a B.Sc in Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising, click here to learn more.


Students who have successfully passed the Maharashtra HSC 12th Result 2018 or recognised, equivalent qualification in any stream, are eligible to apply for any of the above mentioned mass communication undergraduate courses.


Degrees in the mass communication field open pathways for multiple job opportunities, which is what makes it a particularly interesting and enticing choice. Most undergraduate degrees in mass communication largely focus on developing basic skills in writing and news reporting, which are paramount in the news industry.

With any of the above mentioned degrees, these are the following jobs you will be eligible to apply for:

  • Journalist
  • Copywriter
  • Photographer
  • TV anchor
  • Show director

With the changing media landscape, such degrees also have scope in more unconventional fields. If you want to tread down the road less taken, then you can also work as:

  • Scriptwriter
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Blogger

Still overwhelmed by the stress of the results and need more information on undergraduate degrees in mass communications? Visit our website and have a look at the degrees we offer or write to us at with any queries you may have.

Maharashtra HSC 12th Result 2018 about to be released, what next?
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