If we go to War with Pakistan, who would side India?

Well everyone has always wondered why is Pakistan so fixated on Kashmir that they are willing to keep the issue burning forever.

How did it all start…

Read the letter dated October 26, 1947, From Hari Singh, The Maharaja Of Jammu & Kashmir to Lord Mountbatten, Governor General of India : Maharaja Hari Singh’s Letter to Mountbatten

Who would side with India?

For the most part no one. Why? Because China is involved. The USA wants to support us but it is difficult because the US corporations are heavily invested in China, so Uncle Sam will most likely look the other way.

Pakistan historically had US and China support them in all three wars fought in 1965, 1971 and 1999. But with the US-Pak relations changing drastically after the killing of Osama bin Laden, it’s possible that the US will in all probability either take an impartial stand or attempt to get the UN involved.

Russia – Don’t even consider it. The Russian troops have started the first ever military exercise in history with Pakistani troops despite objections and reservations from India.

Europe will just sit and watch because China, and all of the Middle East will secretly support Pakistan for obvious reasons.

What Is It In For China?

The answer is quite obvious, the CPEC: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The importance of Pakistan for China and vice versa goes without saying is in the geopolitical context.

So, if it did come down to a war, India would generally need to go up against BOTH Pakistan and China. Can India stand a chance against both these Atomic Powers ? According to a report conducted by worldknowing.com on the Top 10 atomic countries in the worldPakistan stands at no.6 with 125 warheads and China is at no.4 with 260 warheads. India is just below Pakistan with 112 warheads in total.

It would be ill advised to depend on our allies if we come to a stage of War right now. We may get some assistance from them but it would most likely be on a strategic level without any military support.

We may or may not agree with the Prime Minster on many policies but it is of utmost importance to support the govt. right now in whatever action it takes. It’s our country and we have to protect it.

If we go to War with Pakistan, who would side India?
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