How do I Start a Career in Public Relations?

If you want to start a career in public relations, there are a few ways to get into this dynamic industry. However, understanding the key skills required to enter the field of PR and what the job demands, will give you insight on whether you’re fit for the profile or if you will need specialized training to succeed.

What does a Public Relations Professional do?

A PR representative’s key role is to help brands, businesses, governments, and individuals with campaigns that improve their brand image and increase positive conversations among the masses. In simple terms, a PR person ensures that people look at a specific person or brand in a positive manner. This is achieved by employing multiple channels such as print, electronic & online media platforms.

What are the Key Skills required to become a PR Expert?

In order to become successful in the field of PR, you need to be creative, intelligent, flexible, tech-savvy, and have good management skills. Besides this, you will need to have great oral and written communication skills as well.  Your day-to-day tasks may include, creating press releases, coordinating with journalists, pitching for news stories, speaking to third-party collaborators, and employing social media for monitoring and executing digital campaigns. Keeping all these factors in mind, it would be crucial for you to have a mindset of continuous learning.

What is the Minimum Qualification required to enter the field of Public Relations?

In order to pursue a career in the public relations field, you need to be a graduate from any stream, however, graduating from the field of mass media will give you an added advantage. You can also do a 1-year postgraduate course in Public Relations and Corporate Communications that will be focused on training you to acquire key skills required to become a successful PR specialist.

How do I start a Career in Public Relations?

As mentioned earlier, there are 2 ideal ways to enter this field, the first option is that once you finish your graduation, you could apply for internships at various PR agencies.

How do you get PR internships?

Try using platforms such as Linkedin, Naukri, Facebook Groups, or other job portals. These portals especially LinkedIn can really help you build connections with PR agencies and employers. And due to the high demand in this field, chances are you will be able to get interview opportunities, (provided you have a decent resume in place with a portfolio to showcase your work) however, clearing the interview will purely depend on your skills.

PG in public relations and mass communication

The second way to enter this field is by pursuing a postgraduate course in Public Relations, where you will be trained for a year in various aspects of PR and Communications and will also get a chance to intern at PR agencies as part of your course. This is a great opportunity to kick-start your career and build connections with PR professionals.

If you do well during your internship period, the chances of that internship transitioning into a full-time job also increases.

Do you need more help on how to start a career in Public Relations?

If you still need more information about how to make it big in the world of PR, do reach out to us. We are happy to help aspiring media students with counseling sessions and guidance on how to build the necessary skills to enter this dynamic field. You can either contact us by filling the enquiry form at the footer of this article or WhatsApp us here

How do I Start a Career in Public Relations?
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