I am interested in working within the media industry, what are my chances?

The media industry is dynamic and continually growing, its overall size and value today is Rs. 1.2 trillion. It comprises TV, Print, Film, Digital, Advertising, Animation and VFX, OOH, Radio and Music.

In the year 2016-17, the CAGR recorded was 13.9%. By 2021, this industry value is likely to reach Rs. 2.4 trillion.

There will be an abundance of new channels aided by technology that are likely to be introduced in the time to come.

Companies of all sizes use social media to raise awareness, present their wares and connect with an audience. Radio, television broadcasting, and now streaming services also provides channels to reach out to large numbers of people and help keep them informed.

B2B media, corporate advertising, corporate communication- internal and external, illustration, documentary film making, animation are also a part of media industry.

As with every job role, special skill sets, go a long way, in helping you build a career.

Do I need a professional certificate to degree to get a good job in ‘media’?

Businesses love candidates who are willing to keep learning, and stay relevant in their chosen media field. Employers within media look for people with diverse technical and personal skills. As a result, it is worthwhile, to specialize in an area of interest, e.g. journalism, animation, graphics, or public relations, etc… An additional qualification degree, goes a long way in helping apply for the most desirable roles.

What are some of the options for me in TV broadcasting or Journalism, where I can learn, earn and build my career?

If you consider yourself a TV specialist, either behind or in front of the camera, television broadcasting could be an option.

Other options – getting involved with the content side of things, get creative and become a director, a producer, a researcher or even an excellent writer. Then of course there, is the technical route, e.g. the lighting technician, an editor or a camera operator. You could also make use the organizational skills learnt during college, engineering and B-School days and consider joining the administration side of TV.include

Today, with website and mobile responsive sites, there are jobs for people behind the scenes too; to create interactive content, so when you hit the ‘View Now’ button on your mobile… …..screen or the laptop, you see exactly what you want to see, be it on the NDTV website or on the Hotstar APP.

Print media starrer ‘The Insider’? To succeed here, all at once, you are required to be thick-skinned, opinionated, and keep an open mind.incareers

journalism are popular, and many young people are keen on building careers around them. Journalism is an exciting industry full of opportunities and challenges. Remember, the Russell Crowe-

To get into journalism or publishing, prior work ex is most preferred. Most publishing houses or magazines prefer candidates who have been trained in various aspects of writing, are of sound ethics, capable of building or having a network, being a ‘one-man-army’, and most importantly getting news and distributing it. India has recorded 60% growth in Pan-India newspaper circulation, over ten years. This is way above Germany and France who recorded a -3% growth, showing a decline in this sector.

It is therefore very clear, there are jobs for candidates, who are trained and who ‘hit the ground running’ when they join media houses or publications.

What are the career options for an advertising or public relations aspirant?

Think advertising, and you picture, a posh office with smartly attired men and women, sipping coffee, around a meeting table and discussing creatives, product lines and monies.

While creativity is desired, it is not a big want. Here, in these fields, there is space for consultants, strategists, and planners. This industry thrives on the development and enhancement of brands, products or just plain people.

Some firms do their advertising and marketing in-house. Most firms, however, approach agencies to do this work for them. Agencies work with all media available e.g. radio, TV, social media, OOH, videos to get the public to buy a particular product from a particular firm.

Advertising agencies today offer, digital advertising and integrated advertising.

The advertising revenue which was Rs. 221 MN in 2008 is expected to touch Rs.1078BN by 2020, and record a CAGR of 15%

For companies in the public domain, big corporations, political parties, celebrities, HNI’s, businessmen, reputation is critical.PR companies work with their clients, to build a public persona for their client, develop, hone and maintain ‘this persona’. They act as an intermediary between their various clients and the general public, generating publicity and awareness of the company, product or person.

PR as an industry is likely to bring in business worth Rs. 2100 by the year 2020

Brand research, media planning, buying, sales, market research, brand management and consultancy are other avenues in advertising, besides the creative fields.

People who work in advertising, and PR are known to be highly organized with excellent communication skills.

Is working in the media fun, glamorous like it is depicted in ads, films and magazines?

The media is fast-paced and extremely competitive. One must have the ability to handle pressure, and contribute to the team. The best part, is there are thousands of different roles in the same field that you can explore.

While it may not live up to what you expect after “Madmen”, the media industry is a place where you can thrive. First, it operates in an informal set up, no “yes sir, yes ma’ am” culture. It gives you a chance to explore your creative side.

Second, you work with leaders in the industry, big corporations, get a chance to build your network, travel, hobnob with the who’s-who of society, politics, business, education.

Third, most importantly, it gives you the power and puts you in a position where you can influence regular folks.

What about the pay scale for jobs in this industry?

People tend to start with internships, while studying and get a basic stipend for this time period.

For freshers and newbies, the pay scales start between Rs. 20, 000/- to Rs. 25,000/- p.m.

If the agency is a small startup or unknown, the salary is known to vary.

The higher you grow within the organization, the more you will earn, with account planners, VP’s, senior copywriters, etc., known to draw 5 figure salaries.

Again, if it a startup or a big agency, you earn by ways of ESOP’s, fixed salaries amongst other perks.

How will I be able to manage working in this line?

Whatever media field, you choose to build your career in, it’s important to surround yourself with positive and talented people. That’s important, because all through your career, your network will be a valuable resource. Through this network, you will get to know of work opportunities you wouldn’t have heard about, build connections with other top professionals in your field.

Staying relevant, constantly up skilling yourself with the trends and technology needs for your chosen area, being a team player, versatility will help you stay the course.

Your success with your media career, however, will benefit from you being aware of current events. An easy way of catching up is using Google, Twitter feeds, pod casts and following credible news channels, influencers on their social media channels.

Remember, it is important not have a rigid mindset. Learn to adapt with the team you are thrown in with. Being enthusiastic will go a long way in helping you build a network, and that in turn will help you as you grow on within the industry.

This is an area where you can choose to entertain and influence several others, so you have to learn how you will work with this in the long run.

Must I be worried about AI taking away my job as a creative?

AI is good at reading text-based articles, but when it comes to more complicated things e.g. using AI to direct an ad, (there have been prior attempts to do so), this didn’t work well. So the study results stated: If that’s the case, and there is constant supervision required, the (human) creative exec is best left just do the work by themselves. So yes, a media job is safe!



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