Using Social Media for Freelancing Workshop

Are you looking to kickstart your career as a freelancer? Look no further! Join us for an insightful workshop on 6th May, led by Paricher Tavaria, a seasoned creative director and freelancer in the field of Social Media Marketing with over 15+ years of experience.

Learn how to:

✅ Utilize social media platforms to land freelancing gigs
✅ Optimize your content for maximum reach
✅ Network with potential clients and collaborators
✅ And, ultimately charge what you’re worth as a freelance social media marketer.

Social Media Freelancing Workshop
Social Media Freelancing Workshop

👉🏼 This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to gain valuable skills and knowledge in the field of social media marketing and optimize it to land freelance clients., or business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use social media to boost their brand presence.

💚 The fee for this workshop is Rs.500, and lunch and tea are included.
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Using Social Media for Freelancing Workshop
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