We at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education conducted an insightful Live Instagram session on the 25th of August 2022 with Sohail Khan, Actor, Writer, Film Director,

Yudhishthir Urs, Writer, and Director,

Sumedha Mahajan, Endurance Runner, Author, Entrepreneur,  

Nikhil Mirchandani, Founder of Hoop Entertainment and 

Aaron Caeiro, Head of Production, Schbang where they spoke about Filmmaking, TV, and OTT Production.

Here are some pictures from the event

It was truly a masterclass of sorts packed in just about 60 mins

Live Instagram Session with Sohail Khan, Yudhishthir Urs, Nikhil Mirchandani, and Aaron Caeiro on Filmmaking, TV and OTT Production.
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