CELEBRATE BANDRA 2014 Breaking Ground: A Conversation with Directors By Parag Jain

Day 3: Monday, 24 November

Venue: St Paul’s Institute of Communication Education New mediums, New expressions: Cineplays Vickram Kapadia, Nikhil Patil, Sanjay Ram, Neil Bhoopalam, Rasika Duggan, Namit Dasin conversation with SaritaVijayan 

By Beulah Pereira

In Celebrate Bandra’s film segment, the audience was treated to a screening of director Vickram Kapadia’s Bombay Talkies(2014), followed by a panel discussion about the emerging art of cineplays, a new idea in contemporary media. Bombay Talkies is a series of eight monologues stitched together that portrays the city’s multiple personalities and how they have impacted its citizens.Talking to Sarita Vijayan, Kapadia said, “This is an experiment, a cross-breed between films and theatre plays.Though I don’t know where the genre is heading, I am all for the cineplay;we should give it time to run its course.”Cineplays present their share of challenges and constraints, he told the audience. For instance, Bombay Talkies, which is a series of monologues, was unable to experiment with different camera angles, as a regular film would. “It was particularly hard because we were scared people would get bored listening to a monologue, with fewer camera angles,” said Kapadia. However, the gripping content of the monologues holds the viewer’s attention.Nikhil Patil, the film’s Creative Producer, sees the cineplay as a dynamic concept that takes theatre, which has a relatively small audience, to the world of cinema, which has a much larger viewership. “Cineplays can go wherever live performances can’t,” he said. And cineplays will, in no way, be a threat to either films or theatre plays, he believes.However, cineplays have their critics and are frowned upon by film purists, said Neil Bhoopalam, one of Bombay Talkies’ cast members. “Purists will always be unhappy with anything that is different from a mainstream film. But cineplays are part of an evolution, which is a sine qua non for films,” he said.Two other cast members, Rasika Duggan and Namit Das, were also present at the discussion.Doing his bit to popularise the new genre is Sanjay Ram, Head of Marketing and Distribution at Cineplay. He has plans to step into social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help enthusiasts stay in touch with this exciting experiment.


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CELEBRATE BANDRA 2014 Breaking Ground: A Conversation with Directors By Parag Jain
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