CELEBRATE BANDRA 2014 Breaking Ground: A Conversation with Directors By Beulah Pereira

CELEBRATE BANDRA 2014 Breaking Ground: A Conversation with Directors 

Day 4: Tuesday, 25 November

Venue: St Paul’s Institute of Communication Education

Starting Early Gitika Aggarwal, Guneet Monga, Namrata Rao and Nupur Asthana interviewed by Sarita Vijayan and By Parag Jain

The romantic comedy Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011), which was inspired by Facebook, intrigued a lot of youngsters before Sarita Vijayan started a discussion with producer Guneet Monga, director Nupur Asthana, editor Namrata Rao and lawyer Gitika Aggarwal. The evening’s theme was youth all the way.  “I was 23 when I started off as an assistant director. Apart from the hair-dresser and the heroine, I was the only girl in the unit.

Unlike what most people think, the director doesn’t just tell people to do things,” said Asthana, who has directed Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge and Bewakoofiyan. “I was an intern and just 18 years old. I studied Mass Communication where I handled the camera and did editing and everything related to shooting. I produced my first film when I was 21. I still get that comment that you are so young to have done all this,” added Monga.  Asked by Vijayan to comment on the age factor, Rao said, “I started at the age of 27 in mainstream films. At that time I was absolutely ready to try out anything and that somehow became a work ethic for me. Editing is about persistence and trying to find the right way to say a story. Because I started at that age, it helped me a lot.” “I prefer being a phone-friend to most of my clients because everybody wants an old lawyer. When clients meet me, they ask me, “Are you sure you are my lawyer?’ and I say, ‘Of course,’ laughed Talwar.


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CELEBRATE BANDRA 2014 Breaking Ground: A Conversation with Directors By Beulah Pereira
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