Can an International Degree give you an advantage in Indian Markets?

By Taiba Mohsin and Odell Dias (Student of Post-Grad in Journalism and Digital Marketing Executive)

With the world turning more competitive, graduation alone does not satisfy a person’s hunger for learning. A lot of students wish to go abroad for higher education especially after high school. A Master’s course is a dream to achieve for any student who takes the step to continue learning.

An International Master’s degree is often preferred over normal post graduation courses these days as it gives you deeper insights to the subjects you choose. It provides you with more theory and enough practical skills necessary to succeed in your career. But usually, studying abroad comes with a huge price; a cost that not all can afford. Apart from that, it is also about security, safety, environment and accepting a new culture. Over the years families have adjusted and sent their children abroad, but still, a lot of people consider it a taboo because of the things mentioned above.

A survey conducted by London University International Partnership across nine cities in India found out that 81 percent of CEOs and Human resource managers believed that graduates who hold an International degree would be beneficial for the company, as they would have a global perspective.

Another survey conducted among more than 3,000 Indian employers, came back with a similar results. Indian employers believe that an International degree gives a global perspective to the company.

However for some students, going abroad can be quite expensive. Keeping this in mind, a few renowned International universities are now collaborating with highly recognized Indian institutes to offer the same level of education within the country itself.

This makes the course cost effective, since you do not have to leave the country in the first place or stay far from you family. Thanks to technology, cloud campus has become a trend and it is in some cases more effective to learning due to the flexibility that it offers.

So, if a College or an Institute in India can provide you with an International Degree. Should you consider it? And if yes, then why?


As we mentioned earlier, many Indian employers prefer people with an International degree as it offers training and experience from a global standard. Pursuing and international degree from India itself further adds to your learning experience as it gives you the best of both worlds.


Indian companies looking to expand and grow their business abroad would gain a lot from International degree holders. This is because students who have been trained from international universities already have gained exposure either by living in the country or by interacting with faculty from those universities.


An International degree can open vast global opportunities in your career. According to Devika Jeet who graduated with an International degree in Journalism, says, “The degree opened a world of opportunities for me and made people take notice of me. It also gave me an edge and the confidence to achieve anything. A foreign degree helps change the way we look at things, and broadens our horizons. It certainly did for me.”

While travelling abroad and pursuing a degree may not be possible for everyone, institutes like St Pauls Institute of Communication Education have gone a step further to provide students who are interested in the field of Media a chance to graduate with an International degree in Masters of Communication by collaborating with Deakin University, Australia, that too whilst being in India itself. Students can also choose to complete the second year of the course in Australia directly from Deakin University.

While this option is one of its kind in India, it is surely a result of the high demand for employees with a global perspective in Indian Markets. Give yourself a chance to explore these options and rise to a new and challenging way of educating ourselves.

Can an International Degree give you an advantage in Indian Markets?
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