BMC’s H –West Ward office to issue notice to Ganapati pandals

By Diksha Punjabi and Cheryl Athaide (Student of Post-Grad in Journalism, class of 2014-2015)

The BMC H West ward office, comprising Bandra W, Khar W and Santacruz W, has started a survey to ensure the repair of the damage done by Ganapati pandals, while sinking supporting bamboos into the roads during the recently-concluded festival. By the end of September they had covered around 10 pandals.

However, since many of the pandals had asked for an extension right till Dassehra, the rest of the survey will be completed within the next fortnight.

This year the H-west ward gave permissions for 28 pandals in total. This is the same number as last year, with no increase reported.

As per the rules, pandals that fail to repair the damage will be fined by the BMC. In turn, the ward office gives the pandals a time limit of twenty days to repair the damage they might have done. Once the road maintenance department of the BMC confirms that repairs have not been carried out within the timeframe, they do the repair work themselves and apply the fine and costs to the offenders.

“The BMC will fine the pandals with the cost of the repair, plus the penalty for damaging the property”, says Rajesh Yadav, Assistant Engineer of Road Maintenance Department, H-west ward. The pandals that fail to repay the penalty, won’t be issued a license for the next year, he adds.

The money that is collected from the penalties levied will be used for logistics work next year for the Ganpati festival or any other public event.

He also stated that it is completely illegal for the pandals to damage any public property and that they should place supporting poles in drums filled with sand and stone to avoid damage to roads.

But does this happen? How many are really fined? How much is collected and who is barred for the next year?

Then again, each pandal is also given permission to put up their banners within 100 meters, around the structure. The banner license department said that the banners did not cause inconvenience to the residents or the commuters and that banners do not damage any public property.

However, damage to roads in the shape of removal of paver blocks to accommodate bamboos for the banners was noticed even days after the festival concluded.

According to the BMC rule, pandals should be erected two days before the festival. However, most pandals in the city are erected 20 days in advance, inconveniencing the residents. This issue will also be taken into consideration while charging them for damaging the property and creating inconvenience to the residents.


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BMC’s H –West Ward office to issue notice to Ganapati pandals
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