Best Public Relations Course in Mumbai – Why Choose St Pauls Institute (SPICE)

Are you looking to pursue public relations as a career? You probably are, that is why you have landed on this article. 

So without wasting your time, I’m going to get straight to the point on why the postgraduate course in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at St Pauls Institute, Mumbai (SPICE) is one of the best public relations courses in Mumbai 

The course is eligible to those students who have completed their graduation from any stream and rivals some of the top PG Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communication courses in India 

Faculty comprising of PR & Corporate Communication Professionals 

PR and Media Professionals Faye Dsouza St Pauls Institute

One of the best aspects of SPICE is its strong industry connection. Nearly all of their faculty are industry professionals at top PR Companies, not only in India but across the world. 

This is a huge advantage for students because they get a chance to learn and understand what happens in the real world of PR but at the same time, they also build industry connections right from the college itself. 

Some of the top names as part of the PG in PR Course faculty at SPICE are 

Check out the full faculty list here: PG in Public Relations & Corporate Communications Faculty List at St Pauls Institute, Mumbai

Focus on Practical Based Learning 

Conducting a PR interview using the TV Studio Room at St Pauls Institute

At St Pauls Institute (SPICE), the focus for all our postgraduate courses is on practical learning rather than theory. This is why there are no written exams for our pg courses.

Students are given projects that need to be practically implemented after every module. One of the main factors of their grading system depends on their assignments. 

This not only helps them to learn complicated concepts in the world of PR but also helps them build an active portfolio while they are still in college.

Guaranteed Internships at PR Companies  

All our pg in public relations students placed

SPICE offers guaranteed internships at public relations and corporate communications companies across the country. But wait a minute, you might think that there is nothing new about this? A lot of postgraduate diploma programs offer guaranteed internships, right? 

But the difference between St Pauls Institute (SPICE) and the others is that nearly 96% of our interns secure full-time positions after completing their 2 months of internships. 

This is because all our students establish strong industry connections at college itself and build an active portfolio from day one. This makes them not only job-ready but sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. 

Curriculum that is Relevant and Constantly Updated by PR Professionals

Let’s get serious, the field of media is constantly evolving and changing, what is relevant today, may be useless tomorrow. 

Our students are trained to be successful in the current industry and are also prepared for the future, this is why we are constantly updating our curriculum. 

This curriculum is updated not by people who have no active industry experience but by professionals who are aware of the requirements of the public relations industry. This is also one of the main reasons why our students secure full-time positions easily. 

They know what is required and don’t need to be spoon-fed when they start working. 

We are serious and passionate about creating PR leaders for the world, and that is why we do not compromise on our students’ education. 

96% Placement Success

We have mentioned this before but we are going to reiterate this again, 96% of our students manage to secure full-time positions in the media industry after completing their internships. 

Some of the companies they are working for are Ad factors PR, Orion PR, PR Pundit, MSL Global, Ogilvy, Genesis Burson Cohn & Wolfe and so much more.   

Innovative Digital Assets to Showcase Your Skills

Portfolio building is a must at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, to achieve this, all our postgraduation students have to showcase their work on special platforms that are created to boost their digital footprint. We have created the SPICE Enquirer: India’s only Media Website Handled exclusively by our students. 

PR Content on the Spice Enquirer

All our students are required to create articles based on PR campaigns, case studies, corporate events, etc. They will be given their own unique author ids, so every article published will build an active and live portfolio. 

Public Relations & Corp. Comm. Podcasts

Podcast station at St Pauls Institute

Students are also required to create their own podcast episodes on The Media School Podcast, another digital asset created by SPICE. 

Students not only get the experience of what it is like to use our Podcast Station in the College but also get to research and talk about various PR campaigns in the world 

Interviews, Reviews & Observation Showcased on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn 

Students have to create videos of what they learn in the field of public relations. We use our state-of-the-art TV Studio room for interviews and also have sessions on mobile reporting. 

Every PR student needs to get an experience of how journalists work, this practical dive into the world of journalism sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. 

All of this content is shared on our YouTube and our other Social Media Channels. 

Masterclasses by PR Experts

Besides all of the above benefits, our students also get access to exclusive masterclass sessions by PR and Media experts. 

These sessions are conducted only for St Pauls Institute (SPICE) students and nobody else. 

One example of a PR-focused masterclass was held by Setu Shah, founder, and CEO, Prose Integrated Vijay H & 

You can check out the masterclass here

To Summarise 

To wrap up on why St Pauls institute (SPICE) offers the Best Public Relations Course in Mumbai

  • Faculty comprising of PR & Corporate Communication Professionals 
  • Focus is on Practical Based Learning
  • Guaranteed Internships at Public Relations and Corporate Communication Agencies
  • The curriculum is constantly updated by PR Experts
  • 96% of students are successfully placed at PR companies 
  • Digital Platforms created to build a strong portfolio 
  • Exclusive access to Masterclasses by PR Experts

Want to know more about SPICE’s Public Relations and Corporate Program? Visit the link here

Best Public Relations Course in Mumbai – Why Choose St Pauls Institute (SPICE)
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