Best OTT Production Course in Bandra

Brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO Max and Apple Tv have become household names. Especially during and after the pandemic, OTT platforms became the most popular way of consuming media. In 2014, India only had 0.5 million paid OTT subscribers. Jump to 2021, based on the report by CII-BCG, India witnessed 70-80 million paid OTT subscribers. This leap shows how the OTT industry became vast and relevant to the Indian context.  

What Is An OTT Service?

What is the full-form of OTT

An OTT (Over The Top) media service refers to any media platform which sends any streaming media directly to the consumer, over the internet. The service can be accessed through your smartphone, laptop or smart TV.

What makes OTT preferable over traditional media is the direct, interruption-free experience and access to a variety of content under one platform. Another bonus that OTT enjoys as a platform is the lack of restrictions/regulations that are seen with broadcast media or films.

Why OTT?

With the OTT booming at a great speed and the market saturating rapidly with new OTT players coming in, we are noticing an increasing demand for OTT producers. Consumers are maturing and we are witnessing an increase in the demand for quality content. To meet this void, the industry needs creative, unconventional and eccentric individuals who can deliver to the demand of the consumers. 

How To Get Into OTT Production?

How to get into OTT Production in India

With the rising popularity of OTT and the simultaneous increase in demand for OTT producers, St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education, a premier media institute in Bandra has launched a 6-month, full-time certificate course in Film, TV and OTT production. The course aims at training budding filmmakers and producers in the theory, the art and the craft behind making a successful movie or OTT content. 

The course is designed, executed, and overseen by veteran industry experts. Coupled with the state-of-the-art media infrastructure makes the course the best in Bandra for a fulfilling and well-rounded career in the media industry, especially in the OTT sector. The institute ensures delivering on the utmost quality and is driven to produce the next generation of storytellers, producers, and filmmakers. These trained individuals will match the demand of the consumers and also push the quality onward and upwards. 

  • Why Choose St. Pauls Institute (SPICE) To Study OTT Production?
    • Dynamic curriculum which is updated with the latest requirements of the industry
    • Veteran filmmakers and current industry stalwarts as teaching faculty
    • Placement assistance with the leading production houses and media companies
    • State-of-the-art media infrastructure and technical equipment to push students to achieve their utmost potential
    • Masterclasses by leading directors, producers, scriptwriters and actors to gain the industry perspective and trends
    • A blend of theoretical learning and practical application for the well-rounded development of future filmmakers and OTT producers
    • In-depth understanding of the creative as well as the commercial aspects of the Filmmaking, TV and the OTT production industry

If you believe that you are someone with a knack for telling stories and conveying emotions with a camera, this course is tailor-made for you. So what are you waiting for? Head to St. Pauls Institute (SPICE) website right now to learn more about the course and take your first step toward creating a successful and fulfilling career in OTT production. 


  • Vighnesh is a NET qualified educator who has over 4 years of experience in teaching and educating young minds. A poet at heart, passionate about philosophical debates and hot takes.

Best OTT Production Course in Bandra
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