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  Why Podcasting should be taught to every Journalism Student

Why Podcasting should be taught to every Journalism Student

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Media is constantly changing and re-inventing itself, and while you may be familiar with print journalism, television reporting, radio journalism & so on, the term podcasting may or may not be alien to you.

That being said, if you plan on getting into the field of journalism, especially broadcast journalism, then you need to understand what podcasting is all about.

Podcasting has been gaining a lot of popularity with an increase of 21% to 24% of active podcast listeners year-over-year.

So what exactly is a Podcast?

They are a series of episodes that come in the form of digital audio files and usually cover niche topics of various categories. Today you can find podcasts on music, books, education, entertainment and so on.

Podcasts in Journalism

Many journalists have recognized the potential of this medium and have started podcasting to share stories with their audience.

For example, the decade-old story of murder victim Hae Min Lee and her alleged killer Adnan Sayed became an international phenomenon after it was retold by investigative journalist Sarah Koeing in her podcast show, Serial.

You could say that podcasts are an evolution of the radio however while radio programs can sometimes sound a bit scripted, podcasts are meant to be more casual, informal and focus on engaging the audience through conversations.

Mae Thomas, a radio journalist from Chennai says that podcasts give you a multitude of choices, and unlike the radio, they play what’s good, not what’s popular.

As the use of podcasts gains popularity, it is prudent for us as media educators to make sure our students are prepared when they finally graduate. That is why we at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education have decided to make our very own podcast channel so that our journalism students get the practical experience of what is required to host a podcast show.

What does Podcasting teach you?

The brilliance of podcasting is that not only do you get to learn multiple aspects of broadcast journalism, however, it also goes beyond to other disciplines of media.

Some of the few things that you will learn are as follows:

Audio Equipment

  • Manage audio equipment

  • Different types of software required for audio-editing

  • What kind of microphone is needed to record high-quality audio

  • How to choose from affordable equipment.

These are valuable lessons that can only be learnt effectively with practical experience.

Creative Side

It is not only about software and equipments, but you will be tested on creative aspects such as

  • Researching content

  • Script Writing

  • How to speak freely and confidently

  • How to engage with your audience

  • How to navigate through an interview professionally


Editing is extremely important. Understanding how to edit your podcast and making it professional will set you apart from your peers. Some of the things that you will learn are:

  • How to cut audio effectively

  • Add and overlay tracks

  • Mixing sound levels

  • Use of software such as Audacity, Soundtrap, Chromebook  

Hosting the Podcast

In order to make sure your podcast reaches your target audience, you need to ensure that your audio files are made easily available on the internet so that the listener can access it at any time. This is where podcast hosting services come in to play.

You will learn how to use options like Soundcloud, Podbean or Podomatic which allow you to host your podcasts for free or let you take yearly subscriptions that are cheap and affordable.

You will also learn handy workarounds like using YouTube to share you .mp3 files by converting them into a video and adding your logo.   


Podcasts are here to stay and as a journalism student, you would need to have practical experience in using this medium to present news to your audience. Podcasts help with giving you confidence and will only strengthen your journalistic skills.

So don’t wait any longer, create your own podcast show right now. It’s simple, easy and exciting fun process.

Odell Dias

About Odell Dias

Odell Dias is a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 4 years of experience in the marketing field. He is also the Founder of Rightly Digital - Online Marketing Made Easy. A resource for digital marketing and online marketing strategies and campaign reviews

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