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  5 things digital marketing can do for your business

5 things digital marketing can do for your business

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According to Hootsuite, almost 4 billion people across the globe now have access to the internet in 2018. The report also stated that the average time spent online was about 6 hours a day. For digital marketers, this is good news, since there’s a very good chance of reaching out to your customers, in the place where they spend most of their time: the web.

With such potential, it is no secret that digital marketing is in fact, the next best thing. Here are 5 things that digital marketing can actually do for your business.

Meet new customers

So you’ve decided that it’s time to turn to digital marketing. You’re definitely on the right track. One of the many advantages of digitizing your marketing strategies is the inevitable possibility of meeting new customers, you otherwise wouldn’t meet with a relatively simple traditional marketing approach.

Having a website now gives your business an equal opportunity to be discovered by customers who are in search for your services, online. By establishing a finely tuned, digital presence for your company, your business will automatically garner more visibility. This, coupled with the right conversion tactics, you’ve won yourself some new customers. It’s a win-win.

Cross-platform reach

Over the years, the tenets of effective digital marketing has evolved from simply marketing products and services on laptops and desktops to smartphones as well. It is no surprise that almost 3.77 billion consumers use smartphones, making this large segment of users, an attractive target market.

About 50% of the searches are now done on hand-held devices, for a variety of products and services. Can you imagine how profitable it would be to reach out to customers who are also searching for you?

Plus, many of these consumers are on the move, so it’s also important to promote your business to customers in the area.

Improved engagement with existing customers

Keeping your customers happy and engaged with your brand is something all companies aspire to do. With traditional marketing, interacting with customers is tedious and can even take weeks to months. By then, things can change and your customers may move on to something else.

With online marketing, it’s a totally different ball game. Here’s how: You can post something on social media and you can actually garner responses in real-time. From opinions about your brand to simple banter, the barriers of communication with your customer doesn’t exist anymore. Good news is, when you interact with your customer and actually listen to them, they feel important and who doesn’t like feeling important.

Tangible ROI and Higher Revenues

Getting the attention of potential customers online is never enough. After all, the ultimate goal of any business is profit. While traditional marketing may dominate mainstream media, their effectiveness is often left to oblivion.

With digital marketing on the other hand, tracking and other monitoring tools like Google Analytics, for instance, provide real-time insights into the effectiveness of online campaigns with metrics.

Such tangible sources of data then enable marketers to decide which campaigns are effective and which need improvement, which platform garners more engagement and even consumer behavior on the company website, which ads garner clicks and which actually lead to conversions.

All these metrics contribute to the ROI and in turn, profits.

Relatively cheaper

The cost of advertising in mainstream newspapers and in television is quite expensive and may even punch holes in your company’s proverbial wallet. With online marketing, on the other hand, you can begin to advertise your products and services with Rs. 1. This makes it an attractive option for young entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

And as discussed earlier, with high ROI, making a profit, at an earlier stage in your business cycle is quite possible.

Learning the nuts and bolts of digital marketing is a handy skill. Why not be an expert in digital marketing with a Digital Marketing Certificate Course? For more information, check out this informative and intense 6-month course and be your own boss.


Beulah Pereira

About Beulah Pereira

Beulah Pereira is a recent Master of Marketing graduate from Curtin University, Australia. She is currently lecturing at SPICE, is the unit coordinator of the Digital Marketing Certificate Course and is also part of the digital marketing team.

  • Rajiv

    Nice Article. Those 5 things you refer in this article must be done by an entrepreneur. Are you interested in increasing your sales by 1000%?

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    Great article!

  • mia pron khalifa
    mia pron khalifa

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