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14 Aug
The Changing Workplace: Skit Competition

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The Changing Workplace: “What is appropriate behavior”

The Changing Workplace: “What is appropriate behavior”; a skit competition/ program aimed to raise awareness and share practices for dealing with gender-based harassment at the workplace was organized by Dosti House – Your American Space in collaboration with Majlis Legal Centre, NGO dedicated to evolving innovative legal practices to defend women’s rights. The 2 hour program on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 involved students presenting short skits of 5 minutes each followed by an interactive discussion led by Adv. Nausheen Yousuf, lawyer at Majlis and Ruchira Chaudhary, Independent Management Consultant.

The ‘topic’ for the skit was the understanding of “appropriate behavior in the workplace.” The skits had to focus on recognizing and dealing with:

  • verbal abuse
  • derogatory actions
  • negative stereotyping of women and men
  • any behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable

Under the guidance of our faculty - Mrs.Joulyn Kenny, ten FYBAMMC students participated in this competition. Each college focused on issues plaguing the workplace in this century. The event started at 2pm after the registration and formalities were completed.

The judges asked the students who would like to present their skit first; we raised our hands to show our courage and confidence. We were greatly appreciated- by our faculty and the judges -as we were the first presenters. During our performance, all students were engrossed, as our skit had a little bit of spice, humor, and most of all facts.

Our drama portrayed inappropriate' or 'unreasonable' behaviour that any person- in regard to the circumstances- would find unacceptable, humiliating, threatening, victimizing or undermining to their mental well-being. The skits that were presented by other colleges also focused on recognizing and dealing with such “inappropriate behavior” in the corporate environment.

After all students, presented the skits, the Guest Speaker, Ruchira Chaudhary, an Independent Management Consultant, now working with an NGO shared her insights and experience on workplace behavior. This was followed by Nausheen Yousuf’s talk on the legal aspects of workplace behavior and fundamental rights we have as employees.

The discussion gave us insights to how we can identify red flags to “inappropriate behavior” at a workplace and measures that can be taken to combat the same.


Contributor: Rachel Jacob (FYBAMMC - St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women)




9 Aug

In News

July 24, 2019:  The SYBMM students visited Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya and National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai. Despite the bad weather conditions in the city, 14 enthusiastic students turned up for the field trip.

The day started at 11.00 am when all the students met at the main entrance of the museum. The CSMVS formerly named the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India was founded in the early years of the 20th century by prominent citizens of Mumbai, with the help of the government, to commemorate the visit of George V, who was the Prince of Wales at the time.

The museum was renamed in 1998 after Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Maratha Empire. The building is built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, incorporating elements of other styles of architecture like the Mughal, Maratha and Jain. It houses approximately 50,000 exhibits of ancient Indian history as well as objects from foreign lands, categorized primarily into three sections: Art, Archaeology and Natural History.

The students got a chance to experience first hand the glorious history and culture of India and the world. They then set out to visit the National Gallery which was located across the street from the main building of the museum. It was opened to the public in 1996, hosting various exhibitions and art collections of famous artists and sculptors. The gallery is a repository of the cultural ethos of the country and showcases the changing art forms through the ages. 

Contributor: Ms. Steffi Ebnett 

Image Courtesy: SPICEFW


9 Aug
Poster Competition | Social Problems in India || Student and Faculty viewpoints

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F.Y.B.A.M.M.C’ s POSTER MAKING ACTIVITY | A Student's viewpoint


August 8th, 2019 was a special day for the students of the F.Y.B.M.M batch. Under the guidance of our Faculty –Mrs. Joulyn Kenny, students made their very first in-class presentation as part of their Foundation Course syllabus. This assignment required students to shed light on the social problems that our country is battling with.

Students were to choose from a variety of topics: Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Problems of the Elderly, Issue of Child Labour, Child Abuse, and Trafficking of Women. They were given the liberty to work individually or in groups. Presentations were made with the help of a poster and students elaborated on the information provided on the same.

Everyone’s energy was palpable! Students treated their topics with utmost sensitivity and prepared terrific posters carrying all the important information regarding their topics. They left no stone unturned in putting across all the information regarding the rise and existence of their selected social issue. Although many of the groups and individual participants shared a common topic, each chart was uniquely expressive of the issue it was based on. Many students were encouraged to take up a certain topic due to a personal experience attached to it. Graphs, statistics, handmade illustrations and even the colours of the poster was meticulously chosen to suit the chosen topic. Each student spoke earnestly and engaged their audience to help them understand better.

The morning was filled with students educating one another on the issues our country is grappling with and the various ways in which we can overcome them. Each presentation left the class with some food for thought and helped them be more informed about the plight of various social issues of our country.


Contributor : Saloni Sharma ( Pursing her FYBAMMC studies at SPICEFW)


F.Y.B.A.M.M.C’ s POSTER MAKING ACTIVITY | Faculty's viewpoint

The students of FYBAMMC (First Year Bachelor of Arts in Media and Mass Communication) as part of their Subject-Foundation Course, took part in the poster making Competition on August 8, 2019.

The Poster Competition focused on Social Problems in India.

The topics were as follows:-

a. Substance abuse- impact on youth &challenges for the future

b. HIV/AIDS- awareness, prevention, treatment

c. Problems of the elderly- causes, implications and response

d. Issue of child labor- magnitude, causes, effects and response

e. Child abuse- effects and ways to prevent

f. Trafficking of women- causes, effects and response.

All the students participated in the event and expressed their views and thoughts through Posters. The budding media students got down to business with creative ideas, statistics, pictures and comic strips to highlight the causes, effects and response to these sensitive issues.

The students also wrote creative slogans over their paintings to address the message clearly. It inspired them to think and work creatively. Each one participated earnestly in the competition. They came up with amazing creativity and their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all.


Mrs. Joulyn Kenny ( Faculty teaching the FC1 and creating writing modules at SPICEFW)


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