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2 Sep
Online Learning Etiquette Guide

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Notice from the Dept. of Mass Media

Students, the world is online!

We have moved from offline to online learning students are moving to online learning who may never before have attended an online
meeting, especially for the purposes of receiving instruction or carrying on an academic discussion with others. Following are the guidelines for online behaviour and
(netiquette) to ensure a healthy academic enviroment at the college.
1. Audio / Video on mute always: Keep audio and video always on mute on your phone/computer/laptop, unless asked by the Faculty.
2. Automatic marking of attendance: Your attendance shall be marked automatically in the system once you log in via your user ID, therefore there’s no need to do this separately.
3. Using proper ID for login:Any student caught using wrong user ID shall be immediately asked to leave the lecture. Action shall be taken against both, the person using
wrong login ID and the person to whom such login ID belongs.
4.Choose simple and clear words: Doubts should be asked in the simplest language for better communication. Any attempt to use sarcasm, abusive language, unnecessary humor,
violating any of the above codes of conduct shall be considered a major act of indiscipline and would be dealt with the Management.
5. Login ID Confidentiality: Any act of indiscipline done from your login ID shall be considered as done by you. Therefore you are required to take proper care of your login ID
and password and not share the same with anyone else under any circumstances.
6. Faculty’s discretion to mark attendance: Faculty taking the lecture shall have the right to mark a student absent or present depending on case to case. The decision taken by faculty in this regard shall be final.
7. Use of Chatbox : Clarify doubts only via the chat facility provided in the application used to take the online lecture.Do not use chat facility for any purpose other than asking doubts or responding to a question asked by faculty.Respond in only Yes and No in the chat box (and not via audio) when asked about a concept being understood or not.
8. Use audio/video only if specifically instructed : In case you cannot explain your doubt via chat or in case your doubt is not understood by faculty via chat, you can ask your doubt
via audio only with prior permission of faculty or if the faculty asks you to use your audio for the same.
9. Avoid background noises while using audio/video : Avoid any kind of background noises while asking your doubts via audio, this can be done by ensuring that you attend
lecture from a quiet and enclosed place.
10. Important Etiquette: Dress appropriately as you would if you were present in college. Participating fully may look different depending on what your teacher is expecting of you at any particular moment. At times, your teacher will be leading the class in a discussion and this is when it is most important to speak up and share your thoughts.Communicate with your instructor about any issues you're experiencing.
11. Keep up with all assignments:Adopt a mindset that each day you will put in a solid day’s work on learning. Give yourself little breaks and set micro-goals to ensure that you
keep up the motivation.
12. Check your email regularly: There are a few reasons that checking your email regularly will be important. First, your teachers will be emailing you assignments, instructions, and links to online meetings. While they will try to keep the schedule they have announced, it is always possible that a teacher could experience a disruption of some kind that requires them to reschedule. Checking your email ensures that you will receive these notices in a timely manner and be able to adjust your schedule for the day.
It is also possible that a teacher will have to clarify something that was misunderstood or said incorrectly in an online meeting by email afterward. If you go merrily on your way with the assignment, without checking your email, you may encounter difficulties that could have been avoided.
                                                                                                         Stay Digital | Stay Informed | Stay Safe

18 Apr

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Dear Students:

Hope you and your family are safe in these unprecedented times.

With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) many people are stressed and anxious. People are anxious about the unknown and this can be overwhelming.

We have set up a COVID-19 Helpdesk for the students of St Pauls Institute of Communication Education.

Before talking to the Counselor, here are a few suggestions to help you stay happy and well!

- While it is important to know the facts about COVID-19; it will help to take breaks from watching, reading, or being on social media. This could be upsetting to repeatedly hear about the coronavirus pandemic.

- Eat healthy, exercise

- Meditate, try breathing exercises

- Journal your feelings

- Stay connected to others.

Talk with people you trust about your concerns and about how you are feeling.

However, if you are experiencing emotional distress related to COVID-19, our counsellor will be providing tele-health/online counselling.

To set up an appointment:

  1. - Please email our Helpdesk (Between 9 am - 7 pm).
  2. - Give your full name, Batch ID/RollNo and phone number.

PLEASE NOTE: Telephonic counselling has its limitations. We strongly recommend that, if you are experiencing overwhelming negative feelings or other psychological issues, you should seek medical help immediately.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

30 Jan

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Mediathon 2020: Freedom for Artists

Mediathon is the annual cultural inter-college festival of St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education (SPICE). This year was the 4th edition of Mediathon and it was held across two  days, i.e. 10th - 11th of January, 2020 at the institute's Bandra West campus.

This year, we, the undergraduate students took charge as the organizing committee under the guidance of the Director of the Institute Fr (Dr) Dominic Xavier D’Silva, SSP and Assistant Director Fr (Dr) Plavendran, SSP. The organizing core committee consisted of 21 members from various degree courses offered at St Pauls Institute. Like every year, Mediathon was an open to colleges, degree college departments and streams; however, this year it was also extended to all 18-25 year olds . The theme of Mediathon 2020 was ‘Freedom for Artists’, more so the freedom of expression exercised by artists in all forms, and the restrictions imposed on them. 

What started with around 200 people on the first day, doubled with around 400+ people by the end of the second day, including close to 250 student participants. There were 18 events conducted and South Indian Bank was our title sponsor this year. The programs were organised in collaboration with our various partners; Kalamkar (Poetry) was in collaboration with Resonart, Fingers and Fretboards (Band Event) was sponsored by the music partner Furtados and Lash Out (Makeup Event) was in collaboration with the gifting partner Olivia Cosmetics.  We even had a game of football!

The food partner and refreshments partner were Ji Momos and Mackferns Cafe respectively. JAM (Just A Minute) hosted by one of the best jam masters, Hormuz Ragina, was amongst one of the popular events.Amongst other events were Football on the convent grounds, Adaakaari (Monoacting), Scene Kya Hain (Writing Event), Sargaam (Bollywood Solo Singing), Hiraeth (Short Film Making), The Big Bollywood Bash (Bollywood Group Dance), Walk Through Time (Fashion Show), Prime Time Reporter (News Reporting), Playback (Music Video Making), Adagio (Western Solo Singing), Raasta (Street Photography), Asli Hip Hop (Rap Battle), and Street Dance.

On 11th Jan, there was a grand closing ceremony. This was followed by a special in-college session for the OC and volunteers.

With that Mediathon 2020 , its associated events and plans wrapped up, and now we are already thinking of ideas for the next edition. A big thank you to everyone who helped make this year's edition of Mediathon a grand success:  fellow students, faculty & staff, sponsors, college management teams and most of our our fellow visitor student participants.

See you at Mediathon 2021!



7 Jan
Christmas at St Pauls- 2019

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The jingling of bells and the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner of the city indicates the onset of Christmas Eve. Christmas came a little early at St. Pauls Institute of Communication as we celebrated “Christmas at St Pauls” on December 21st 2019.

The actual onset and preparations for “Christmas at St Pauls” started two weeks prior. A group of 18 FYBAMMC students from St. Pauls Institute of Communication for Women took charge - overseeing the planning, decorations and execution - of the programme under the guidance of Fr. Plavendran- our Vice- Principal and Ms. Joulyn Kenny - our Course Coordinator. As a team, we designed, made the all decorations, including registrations and personal invites, organised a dance performance, carol singing, planned the flow of events, snacks; it was all done in 15 days. We even got Starbucks, Chaayos, Freedom store, South Indian Bank, Citizen Credit Bank, Para Vision, Lynn Sound and the St. Paul Book Store on-board, to support us as our sponsors for the event.

Soon, it was December 21st, the eagerly awaited day. We couldn’t contain our excitement as the event unfolded. We had a Christmas bazaar with stalls selling homemade products, a confectionery, and a few game stalls too. The photo booth, dolled up with fairy lights turned to be the centre of attraction. The pre-event started off with a dance performance by our students followed by carol singing and the dance floor was open for the students.

At 7pm, Fr. Plavendran welcomed our guests and dignitaries. We all know Christmas is incomplete without the Christmas tree- Fr. Dominic, the Principal of St. Pauls along with Fr Sebastian lit up the Christmas tree. We invited the very popular, Gracenotes Choir to sing carols and spread Christmas cheer. Truly said, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear”. The carolling by Gracenotes was melodious, engaging the audience to sing along and dance. After the choir, Fr. Varghese Gnalian, the Provincial Superior of Society of St. Paul gives us a lovely Christmas message followed by a performance to release a musical album.

The most awaited moment was the raffle draw. There were three winning spots for the raffle draw. Fr. Jhonny obliged us by picking out the three lucky winners. Fr. Dominic delivered the vote of thanks and expressed his delight; witnessing students’ enthusiasm as they brought the spirit of Christmas to life. As he rightly said, “Happiness lies in celebrating together”.

We had one last surprise… Our Santa danced on the song ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ and distributed chocolates to the audience. As the celebrations came to the end, a sumptuous meal was served and students continued to dance happily for a few hours.

It was truly an amazing spectacle as the magic of festive season was recreated at St Pauls.



-Pankti Agarwal and Abhilasha Sinha (FYBAMMC)



7 Dec
Media Exhibition at StPaulsICE for women

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Media Exhibition || St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women || SEPT 27, 2019 


A carnivalesque aura was felt in the Alberione Hall of St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women, Mumbai on Friday 27 September. The place lit up with special lights for the exhibition on the History of Media. The exhibition titled, Understanding Media: An exhibition on media discoveries was conducted by the first year undergraduate students of the college.

The entire exhibition was divided in to five themes and each theme was presented by a student group. The first team dealt topic on The Rise and Fall of Theatre. They unfurled the history of theatre in India to the students. The second group dealt the theme of The Evolution of Radio. The use and importance of Radio was broadly explained in their show. Further, the third group presented the theme: the History of Television. The students, themselves being huge television lovers were deftly able to relate to it. The next group dealt the topic of Evolution of Cartoons. Through their presentation they unfolded the creation of Cartoons and how they were came into existence. With team member Caroline dressed as a Disney princess, made the presentation livelier. They also asked children about their favourite cartoons, to which, they got some surprizing answers.

Last but not the least the topic presented the topic on Social Media. The group made accounts on different social media applications to illustrate the function of each. They elucidated the importance of social media and also asked the students their take on it. Following, the faculty and the students of the SPICEFW family also toured the stalls and checked all the hard work the students had put in.

Participation certificates were distributed to all the students who put in efforts to make this event a huge success.


30 Nov
A Filmi Dream: N.D Film Studio Study Trip to Karjat

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Contributor: Suhani Sharma ( FYBAMMC- St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women) 


The tagline of the N.D Film Studio didn’t disappoint us...

The students of FYBAMMC, SYBMM, TYBBA and TYBSc from St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women and St Pauls Institute of Communication Education , visited the Theme Park that Celebrates Indian Films, Artists and Film Fans. Spread over 43 Acres, it’s got a range of entertaining attractions that enthralls all ages. Located a few hours away from Mumbai in Karjat, ND’s Film World covers a massive area that will make any film lover’s dream come true.

We reached our destination at 10am on a Saturday morning on 21st September 2019. The 'melodrama' starts as soon as you enter the Box Office. That’s the point where we bought our tickets. There are many special attractions at the NDs Film World and as the name depicts – they are divided into 6 reels. 

An expansive area to cover, we were kept on our feet as we moved from one attraction to another. Interaction with musical stars and performances kept the ambience intense, rhythmic and contemporary. Students were excited and energized, anticiparting new experiences.

Our lunch was served and soon after we participated in a Bollywood Session with musical and dance performances. All students rushed to the stage when the host called us to join them and dance to top Bollywood numbers.

As media students, this educational trip helped us in exploring a different side of our subject, thus establishing a deeper connection with film and other related study groups. After a very exciting day, we headed home. We will have fond memories of this study tour, as we what we experienced first hand, will broaden the understanding of every aspect of the work done at and by a studio.

The experience of visiting ND film studio really gave us an insight of the hard work and details that go into making each scene of a movie come alive.

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