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Mediathon 2020 - Freedom for Artists - College Fest in Bandra, Mumbai

Mediathon 2020 - Freedom for Artists

Mediathon is one of the best college fests in Mumbai open for all people who are looking to express themselves. 

This year's theme for Mediathon 2020 is #freedomforartists. We live in a society where artists are stifled from openly expressing themselves, in fact considering the current situation, it has now become a necessity to speak up and stand for what is right. That is why this year's theme is all about giving the artist in you a platform to speak to hundreds of people via Mediathon 

Who is Mediathon For? 

It is an intercollegiate UNDER 25 fest, open to all performers. Artists deserve a voice, & every individual is an artist. We invite you to come find your voice.

Created by students of St Paul’s Institute of Communication Education (SPICE), the festival is currently in its 4th year. The tagline “Youth fueled dynamism” is so because we at Mediathon believe in the optimism and dynamism of youth and their quest for knowledge and individuality.

What are some of the Core Events for Mediathon 2020?

Here are a few of the core events this year however this is not the entire exhaustive list. You can download the entire pdf in the link added at the end. 

#Mediathon2020 Core Event Schedule:

Day 1 - 10th Jan 2020

1.) Prime Time Reporter (News Reporting) - 9:00 AM - Video Conferencing Room (VCR) 
2,) Adaakaari (Mono Acting) 10:00 AM Prayer Hall
3.) Scene Kya Hai (Writing event) 10:30 AM VCR
4.) Sargam (Bollywood Solo Singing) 11 AM Alberione Hall
5.) Fingers and Fretboards (Band Event) 12 PM Parking Lot
6.) Lash Out (Makeup Event) - 12:30 Prayer Hall
7.) Hiraeth (Short Film Making) - 1:00 PM VCR

9.) Treasure Hunt - 1:00 PM All of Bandra

10.) The Big Bollywood Bash (Bollywood Group Dance) 3:00 PM Basketball Court
9.) Walk Through Time (Fashion Show) 5:30 PM Parking Lot

Day 2 - 11th Jan 2020

1.) Football 8:00 AM Durelo Convent
2.) Playback (Music Video making) 9:30 AM Prayer Hall
3.) Adagio (Western solo singing) 10:00 AM Alberione Hall
4.) Raasta (Street Photography) 10:30 AM, 3:00 PM Basement
5.) Kalamkar (Poetry) - 12 PM - Prayer Hall
6.) Don’t filter (Influencer Event) - 12:30 PM Basement
7.) Just A minute - 1:30 PM - Alberione Hall
8.) Asli Hip Hop (Rap Battle) - 4:00 PM - Basketball Court
9.) Street Dance - 6:00 PM - Basketball Court
10.) Closing Ceremony - 8:30 PM - Alberione Hall

Download the Entire Event PDF with rules and regulations here:

How to Register for Mediathon 20202

You can register for Mediathon 2020 and all of its events by clicking on the link below and filling out the registration form.

Mediathon Registration Link

If you have any questions or confusion about filling out the form, just reach out to us on 7506646547.

 You can also direct message us on Instagram. Here is the link to our insta handle: Mediathon 2020

If email is your way, then email us at

Friday, January 3,2020
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Blood Donation Camp at SPICE For Women

“Every blood donor is a life saver”

St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women, in association with Holy Family Hospital & Medical Research Center, organised a blood donation camp on campus. The Camp scheduled on Tuesday, 10th Dec 2019 from 10am - 2.30pm was organised on the 3rd floor Alberione Hall.

All students and staff were encouraged to be part of the blood donation drive.The students and staff members displayed true humanitarian spirit by participating in the camp enthusiastically. The donors found fit were happy to contribute in saving someone’s life.

On this occasion, I was fortunate to be declared fit to donate blood. Donating blood does not feel like you have lost blood or that you’ll end up encountering weakness; instead I experienced feelings of contentment and glee.

The efforts of the institute were appreciated by the Holy Family Hospital medical team, who congratulated all of us for successfully donating blood, encouraging our batchmates and creating awareness about the benefits of being a blood donor.

The Principal was thankful that students actively participated in this noble initiative and expressed his gratitude towards all the participants for making the camp a success.  We were informed, we will receive donor cards in a few days.

To conclude, I want to express my gratitude to SPICE for Women for this opportunity to be a part of a noble cause. 

-Mirafi Hemnani


Thursday, January 2,2020
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CHRISTMAS at St Pauls 2019

It's that time of the year!

Cherish and celebrate the spirit of Christmas with us, as the students of St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women have organised a delightful evening with Christmas time delights and live carol singing.

Come, celebrate with us.

When: 21st December 2019, Saturday, 7.00pm onwards

Where: St Pauls Media Complex, 24th Road, TPS III, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Tuesday, December 17,2019
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CommFEST 2019 takes place this weekend!

This year we have spent time curating the event to bring on-board presenters for topics that represent media across a variety of verticals and levels.

We have picked 7 leading communication specialists to come and share actionable communication-media tips that are working for them in their businesses.

Here are some of the speakers.

· Govindraj Ethiraj, Founder, Ping digital Broadcast

· Suraja Kishore, CEO- BBDO India

· Shristhi Gairoli, Group Head- Digital, MSL Group India

· Deepa Bhatia, General Manager, YouGov India

Get a seat at the COMMFEST 2019 table, and get access to senior media professionals who will provide you with practical insights, discuss case studies whilst sharing their experiences and interacting with you. There is an intercollegiate quiz contest too!

When: Saturday, 23rd November 2019 from 9am onwards at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, Mumbai

Contact 022-26435709 to make a payment and reserve a seat.

See you there,


Thursday, November 21,2019
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Tata Literature Live! 2019

St Pauls Institute of Communication Education is the proud academic partner for Tata Literature Live! 2019

This fest is free to attend for all.

Registration for the festival is mandatory.
Please note, the festival attendance is on first come first served basis, so registration does not guarantee attendance.
Register online

Wednesday, November 13,2019
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On 29th August 2019, all FYBAMMC students visited the National Museum of Indian Cinema, at Pedder Road, Mumbai. The museum, was designed by the National Council of Science Museums. This museum showcases the rich heritage of Indian Cinema and is housed in two buildings – Phase I, comprising static exhibits tracing the evolution of cinema, in a 19th-century heritage bungalow, Gulshan Mahal, and Phase II, with interactive galleries – in a swanky five-storeyed structure with angular lines and those tiresome glass facades.

Gulshan Mahal features the early history of Indian cinema, starting with that famous first show of the Lumiere brothers’ films in Mumbai in 1896. It moves on to document the evolution of Indian cinema, from the silent films era to the transition to talkies, the pioneers of filmmaking and its game-changers, including GD Phalke, PC Barua, Mrinal Sen etc. It showcases movie posters from the old era right up to today’s modern stage. The new building has its own allure, the kind that technology offers. It consists of four exhibition halls on four different floors– 1st Floor-Gandhi and Cinema, 2nd Floor-Children’s Film Studio,3rd Floor-Technology, Creativity and Indian Cinema, and 4th Floor for Cinema Across India.

The Gandhi section explains Gandhi’s role in cinema. The children’s studio was the most interesting part of the museum for us. It had a glimpse of the technical aspects of contemporary cinema is offered simulated set ups that explain Chroma keying, stop-motion Animation, VFX and Sound effects and Mixing. Level three, with exhibits about technology and creativity that goes in films consisted of an array of cameras, lenses, lights, mixing apparatus with stories of how our filmmakers and technicians used them to create screen cinema. There is a production timeline which is useful in understanding just how much work goes on behind the screens before a film is made available to the public.

The topmost floor was also very interesting. It comprised of the Cinema Across India exhibit, is the history section featuring great films, artistes and filmmakers. It includes short films and plaques on costume and make-up, film music and dance, film festivals, film institutes and bodies, popular foreign locations, legendary studios, documentaries, the influence of art, politics and literature, certifications and awards.

The National Museum of Indian Cinema in Mumbai is as expansive as the country’s film industries and this was a great experience for us especially as we are all media students.

Overall it’s a delight for all movie buffs. This visit provided us with fascinating facts and information about Indian Cinema and its evolution.

We would like to thank our faculty Mrs. Joulyn Kenny for accompanying us, and for planning such an educationally enriching visit.



                                                        - FAAIZA KHAN ( FYBAMMC)

Monday, September 9,2019
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