5 unconventional media careers

It’s no secret now, that traditional jobs in the media are slowly being side-tracked by more unconventional options. In fact, according to Indeed, a job-hunting website, many media-related jobs are slowly being digitised. In the same report, it was reported that journalism graduates are now turning their attention to alternative careers involving social media and blogging.

With new opportunities on the horizon, it’s no surprise that graduates from mass communication courses are now spoilt for choice. The traditional media jobs like newspaper reporting and television anchoring will always have a soft spot in our hearts, but it’s worth exploring the newer career possibilities you now have, with a degree in journalism.

Here’s five, very unconventional jobs that you may want to consider pursuing with a degree in mass communications in India:


We’re sure you all have favorite blogs on a variety of interesting topics, like MissMalini, known for her impeccable fashion and beauty tips. It’s now commonplace to read blogs before purchasing something or even watching a movie. Blogs are known for their expressed opinions on specific topics. Many of us may even own our blog as a hobby, because it gives you the liberty to write anything you feel passionately about.

Having said that, anyone can be a blogger. The trick is to be a credible blogger, who shares informed opinions on a topic of interest. The best way to build a career as a blogger is to understand the facts and perspectives of the topic, have command over the English language, to clearly communicate these opinions, and consistency in managing a professional blog.

With thorough training in the expression of informed opinion, blogging is a great way to kickstart your career and even earn a good amount of money, thanks to blogging platforms. If you’re the kind who loves to work a little independently and has strong views on a topic, maybe you should consider going down this route.

What you need: A degree in journalism, writing experience in the area of interest and stellar communication skills

How much you can earn: ₹30,000, a month


Have a favorite TV show you love or a fantastic, memorable advertisement you still think about? Most likely, those shows and ads are written by super-talented scriptwriters. This kind of job requires high levels of creativity, a passion for storytelling and individuality to stand out of the crowd and be noticed.

A course in filmmaking or advertising, will help to develop these intense skills required for a demanding, but satisfying job like this. So, if you think you’re naturally creative and have the insatiable urge to share stories, then this maybe the career for you.

What you need: A degree in filmmaking and/or advertising

How much you can earn: ₹60,000, a month

Content marketer:

The word ‘content marketing’ is often used whimsically in conversation. But what does it really mean? Actually, content marketers have a lot of work on their hands. Some of their tasks involve creating videos, articles and images for brand awareness and engagement with customers across media platforms, but more importantly, to increase visibility of the brand’s products.

Content Marketing

But how would a degree in mass communication help you become a content marketer, you may ask. Well, journalism courses, for instances, not only teach you how to write a captivating, first-page news story, but it also trains you in writing interesting content for readers, while integrated marketing communications (IMC) would help in sharing this content holistically across media platforms.

So, if creating content is something you feel passionate about, then consider becoming a content marketer.

What you need: A degree in journalism and prior experience in writing on different media platforms

How much you can earn: ₹40,000, a month


Photojournalists belong to a niche group, who deal specifically with sharing news through captivating images. Many photojournalists are freelance photographers and sell their photos to various organizations around the world. The photographs serve the purpose of enhancing the story for the reader or viewer.

While it’s easy to report about a dire incident with words, it’s even more challenging when all you have is a camera. Many photojournalists put themselves in dangerous situations to get the perfect shot, but the rewards are high.

So, if you’re someone who loves to tell stories through pictures, then you may want to consider being a photojournalist.

What you need: A degree in photography and journalism

How much you can earn: ₹45,000, a month

Social Media Manager:

Working on Facebook and Twitter may seem like a fun thing to do, but others build their careers around it. Social Media Managers often have to create social media plans for the company, along with budgeting, creating social media marketing messages and liaising with internal stakeholders for smooth integrated marketing messages of the company, across platforms.

Social media managers often benefit from the skills learned in mass communication courses like creating, writing and editing content and planning social media strategy. If you’re someone who is savvy with social media and is great at writing and strategic planning, this is the career path for you.

What you need: A degree in advertising, along with expert experience in using multiple social media platforms

How much you can earn: ₹50,000, a month

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5 unconventional media careers
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