If you are a photographer by profession or you just love taking pictures, then you’ll surely know that carrying your DSLR camera can be quite an inconvenience. Even if your camera itself isn’t that huge, add in a few lenses, a flash and a variety of peripherals, and you could end up with quite a bulky package of fragile equipment just screaming to be broken.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind while travelling with your DSLR camera:

1.) Disassemble:

Make sure you have disassembled your camera completely before packing your bags. This is a no-brainer; however, it could happen to the best of us, especially if you’re in a hurry to go on your trip.

2.) Padding

All your fragile items should be packed with sufficient paddings. Make sure your lens, camera body, frames etc. are carefully wrapped while packing your bag so as to not take any damage while travelling

3.) Camera Friendly Bags

Consider purchasing a camera friendly bag for your trips. There are quite a few bags designed especially for your camera, which provides extra padding and compartments. Lowepro has a wide range of well designed bags. They have backpacks, suitcases as well a messenger bags. Make up your mind on what you want before purchasing your bag because different designs will have its own pros and cons. For example, if you take a suitcase, you would be able to fit in all your cameras equipment comfortably however you wouldn’t enjoy your trip as much trudging around with your bag. And taking a backpack might be extra luggage you would have to carry around. So think wisely before deciding what would suit you best.

4.) Cleaning Supplies

Always be prepared for the unexpected. Going on trips, especially outdoors can result in you coming in contact with a lot of dirt and dust. Carry cleaning supplies for your lenses like brushes and dust wipes.

5.) Keep your camera with you

Keep your camera with you at all times. This will avoid it getting stolen, especially when you’re travelling by air. It is wise to keep your camera with you when flying rather than in the checked bag. This will save you from a lot of trouble. You never know how your bag is handled at the airport.


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5 tips to travel with your DSLR Camera

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