If you are new to the world of PR and are wondering how to make it big in the industry, you are definitely not alone.

This is a question a lot of PR Experts receive and quite rightly so considering the sheer size of the public relations industry.

Catering to multiple sectors such as fashion, healthcare, technology, entertainment, education and so on and with each of them operating in a different way, it can become a bit overwhelming when you’re considering to take PR as a career.

So how does one make it big in an industry that is so diverse?

The fact is that there are some common principles that can be applied across the board.


When you have just started your career as a PR professional, nobody expects you to know everything about the industry.

However that being said, one thing that every company is looking out for is how sharp, intelligent and adaptable to change you’re.

These traits need to trickle down to your personality because you will be actively dealing with a lot of brands, journalists, media coordinators, managers and even CEO’s for your clients.

A pleasing personality will always trump your experience because ultimately, PR is all about building and maintaining good relationships with various parties.


Theoretical knowledge is one thing however practically applying what you have learned on the job is a whole new ball game altogether.

A PR manager will always hire an applicant who has relevant experience in the field compared to someone who has no experience whatsoever.

So how do you get an internship? You can try applying for an internship program the old fashioned way by approaching major PR companies or you can use the power of Social Media and check on groups and communities on Facebook and LinkedIn for internship opportunities online.

Of course, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should consider joining a media institute that specializes in Public Relations and offers an internship program as part of the course curriculum.


This is a no-brainer. If you’re going to apply for a job, you need to be prepared for your interview. Too many applicants come underprepared for an interview and wonder why they did not get the offer.

How do you prepare for an interview?

  • Research the company
  • Review their social media channels
  • Check who they have been working with
  • Carry copies of your resume
  • See what recent events or campaigns they have been a part of

Basically, you need to do your homework. You can also go a step ahead and read about what their competitors are doing.  This will give you some major points to elaborate on when you’re giving your interview.

Think of it this way, your interview is a PR pitch for yourself!


PR is an extremely challenging yet incredibly rewarding field. You will be doing loads of research, creating reports, press releases, making phone calls and a lot more.

And you will also have to be prepared to shift gears depending on the number of clients you’re handling at a time.

Your clients need you to maximize their brands reach and the media needs you to pitch them with amazing stories. But don’t be afraid, it might sound difficult but there is a whole lot of fun in PR.

You will have to work hard but the rewards of your hard work will always be fruitful.

At the end of the day, if you can manage to strike a balance between your clients and the media, you will end up becoming an expert PR professional


  • Odell Dias

    Odell is a Digital Marketing enthusiast and specializes in Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing & much more. He is also the Digital Marketing Manager at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education & founder of Rightly Digital, an online platform that helps people achieve their marketing goals

4 Tips for making it big in the PR Industry

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