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3 Sep
5 things digital marketing can do for your business

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According to Hootsuite, almost 4 billion people across the globe now have access to the internet in 2018. The report also stated that the average time spent online was about 6 hours a day. For digital marketers, this is good news, since there’s a very good chance of reaching out to your customers, in the place where they spend most of their time: the web.

With such potential, it is no secret that digital marketing is in fact, the next best thing. Here are 5 things that digital marketing can actually do for your business.

Meet new customers

So you’ve decided that it’s time to turn to digital marketing. You’re definitely on the right track. One of the many advantages of digitizing your marketing strategies is the inevitable possibility of meeting new customers, you otherwise wouldn’t meet with a relatively simple traditional marketing approach.

Having a website now gives your business an equal opportunity to be discovered by customers who are in search for your services, online. By establishing a finely tuned, digital presence for your company, your business will automatically garner more visibility. This, coupled with the right conversion tactics, you’ve won yourself some new customers. It’s a win-win.

Cross-platform reach

Over the years, the tenets of effective digital marketing has evolved from simply marketing products and services on laptops and desktops to smartphones as well. It is no surprise that almost 3.77 billion consumers use smartphones, making this large segment of users, an attractive target market.

About 50% of the searches are now done on hand-held devices, for a variety of products and services. Can you imagine how profitable it would be to reach out to customers who are also searching for you?

Plus, many of these consumers are on the move, so it’s also important to promote your business to customers in the area.

Improved engagement with existing customers

Keeping your customers happy and engaged with your brand is something all companies aspire to do. With traditional marketing, interacting with customers is tedious and can even take weeks to months. By then, things can change and your customers may move on to something else.

With online marketing, it’s a totally different ball game. Here’s how: You can post something on social media and you can actually garner responses in real-time. From opinions about your brand to simple banter, the barriers of communication with your customer doesn’t exist anymore. Good news is, when you interact with your customer and actually listen to them, they feel important and who doesn’t like feeling important.

Tangible ROI and Higher Revenues

Getting the attention of potential customers online is never enough. After all, the ultimate goal of any business is profit. While traditional marketing may dominate mainstream media, their effectiveness is often left to oblivion.

With digital marketing on the other hand, tracking and other monitoring tools like Google Analytics, for instance, provide real-time insights into the effectiveness of online campaigns with metrics.

Such tangible sources of data then enable marketers to decide which campaigns are effective and which need improvement, which platform garners more engagement and even consumer behavior on the company website, which ads garner clicks and which actually lead to conversions.

All these metrics contribute to the ROI and in turn, profits.

Relatively cheaper

The cost of advertising in mainstream newspapers and in television is quite expensive and may even punch holes in your company’s proverbial wallet. With online marketing, on the other hand, you can begin to advertise your products and services with Rs. 1. This makes it an attractive option for young entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

And as discussed earlier, with high ROI, making a profit, at an earlier stage in your business cycle is quite possible.

Learning the nuts and bolts of digital marketing is a handy skill. Why not be an expert in digital marketing with a Digital Marketing Certificate Course? For more information, check out this informative and intense 6-month course and be your own boss.



24 Aug
Rethinking tradition - Traditional Day Essay

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I used to find certain habits of mine sprawled across the memory foam of my comfort zone, their feet half a foot safely away from the boundary. When inquisition repeatedly asked for tradition, my ordinary habits, in hopes of glory, raised their hands obediently.

 I used to look back at a routine that unfolded once in a while and expect to find it coloured in ancestral vermillion or, at the very least, dangling from familial ropes. But when I listened to stories rushing out of cheerful mouths, lined with reminiscence and promises of re-creation, I could find the meaning in, and of, traditions. In every such re-enactment of a seemingly trivial activity, I believe there is hope for its perpetuity.

For the longest time, I used to tie tiny bundles of tradition, infuse it, or rather confuse it, with the obsolete scent of convention and culture, and ship them to a faraway address of a relatively religious relative, in hopes that they could find use for what seemed of no use to me.

I know now that it is incredibly stupid − to believe that my mother’s insistence that I learn and live with integrity and a subsequent approval for it, isn’t tradition; to decide that my family of introverts, celebrating a festival of lights and chaos, in a dimly lit cafeĢ in peace every year, isn’t tradition; to overlook recurring happy moments of togetherness shared with people I love when I look for tradition.

 If we were to call this careful process, of picking and preserving moments to reopen and relive them at those times when the memory of them is slipping way, tradition, I think I might have a story or two.


11 Aug
5 PR Campaigns That Have Dominated 2018 So Far

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Great PR campaigns have always been a huge factor in changing the way people look and interact with a brand. Some campaigns have a direct impact on the sales of a business, while others are created for purely branding purposes.

Today, we are going to discuss 5 PR Campaigns for the year 2018 that were so captivating, that it will make you fall in love with Public Relations.

Mcdonald's Flipped Campaign

On International Women’s Day, Mcdonald’s flipped its iconic golden arches upside down, turning the “M” into a “W” to honour women all around the world for their hard work, dedication and accomplishments.

The campaign garnered around 1.6 billion impressions and dominated Google as the No.1 brand query on International Women’s Day.


The brand also rolled out custom packaging, uniforms and caps across 100 stores in the United States, and updated all their digital channels and social media sites.

McDonald's Chief Diversity Officer, Wendy Lewis said in a statement, "In celebration of women everywhere, and for the first time in our brand history, we flipped our iconic arches for International Women's Day in honour of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants."

KFC’s We Are Sorry Campaign (FCK)

PR professionals need to learn a lesson or two from KFC for handling a crisis with humour and finesse.

The fast-food chain had to shut down most of their outlets in the United Kingdom after a shortage in chicken, because they had changed their delivery supplier from Bidvest Logistics to DHL on February 14, 2018.

In order to apologize for the inconvenience caused to their customers and also to thank their staff for the hard work they put in during the crisis, KFC with the help Mother London agency, created an ad that rearranged the letters on their bucket to say “FCK” with the slogan: “WE’RE SORRY”.

The ad redirected customers to its website to provide more information on the status of its restaurants.  

CALM’s Project 84 Campaign

According to the Suicide Prevention Charity CALM ( Campaign Against Living Miserably), suicide is the leading cause of death among men in the UK below the age of 40 years.

In order to raise awareness of the alarming statistics - that on an average 84 men commit suicide every week in the UK, a campaign was created called Project 84.

With the help of artist Mark Jenkins, the charity mounted 84 sculptures of men with hoods on top of the ITV South Bank Studios to represent the statistic that 84 men take their life every week.

The campaign was created by Adam & Eve/DDB and was supported by ITV show This Morning with three days of programming dedicated to male suicide.

Following the two weeks since the launch of the campaign, CALM saw a 34 percent rise in the support they offered via the helpline and online chat facilities.

They also received over 170 million impressions on Twitter and 220 thousand signatures on a petition to the Secretary of Health, that resulted in a parliamentary discussion on male suicide.

Diesel’s Knock-Off Campaign - ‘Deisel’

Diesel is known for its creative PR Campaigns and this one was no exception. Banking on people’s obsession for funny logos from knock-off brands, Diesel set up a fake goods store in New York’s Canal Street, that sold the counterfeit alternative they called ‘Deisel’. They then sold genuine merchandise to unsuspecting customers under the knock-off brand name Deisel.


Not all fakes are fake. Introducing the one-of-a-kind, limited-edition Deisel knock-off collection.

The campaign was set up ahead of the Lakme Fashion Week and the use of tongue-and-cheek humour definitely worked in their favour.

Cancer Research UK’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

Cancer Research UK launched a campaign on February 27, 2018, to highlight Obesity as the 2nd highest preventable cause of cancer after smoking.

They did this by encouraging people to guess what is the biggest cause of cancer after smoking by filling in the blanks.

They also reiterated the message by handing out fake cigarette packets to shoppers with french fries in it.


Cancer research mentioned that obesity is linked to 13 different types of cancer however only 15% of people in the UK were aware of this connection.

Even though the campaign received a social media backlash which was started of by Sofie Hagen and picked up by several news outlets like the Telegraph and the Daily Mail for body shaming.


Right, is anyone currently working on getting this piece of shit CancerResearchUK advert removed from everywhere? Is there something I can sign? How the fucking fuck is this okay?

— Sofie Hagen (@SofieHagen) February 28, 2018

 Cancer Research UK stuck to its message about Obesities link to Cancer and went on to handle the situation professionally


(1/2) Hi Sofie, our campaign isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad about their weight or make anyone think negatively about people who are overweight or obese. Our aim is to raise awareness of the link between cancer and obesity…

— Cancer Research UK (@CR_UK) February 28, 2018

(2/2) … as after smoking, obesity is the second biggest cause. It is our duty to inform people about this and lobby the government on policies which will help us all to keep a healthy weight. For more info, head to our website:

— Cancer Research UK (@CR_UK) February 28, 2018

They responded to her tweets and also received support from various other Social Media Influencers.


A successful PR campaign needs to stand out from the clutter. It does not matter if you are using humour to drive your message or if you go all out and aggressive to get your point across.

What really matters is how you’re able to build a strong connection between people and make them stop and think about the message that your brand wants to share.

Is there any PR campaign that changed the way you think? Let us know in the comments below.


6 Aug
What is Digital Marketing?

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Marketing in its simplest form means promoting and selling products or services to your target audience at the right time and place. Today, the fastest way to meet your consumers is through the internet. This is where Digital Marketing comes into play.  

Digital Marketing is marketing your products or services with the help of digital media or through electronic devices.

With this form of marketing, you can connect with your customers through social media, emails and search engines.

The number of online transactions is increasing day by day, thereby making offline marketing not as powerful as it used to be.

Although we cannot completely ignore traditional marketing methods in advertising campaigns, it is to be noted that Digital Marketing is now the preferred choice for most businesses and brands.

Who is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is someone who is responsible for driving brand awareness and lead generation by employing various marketing tactics through digital channels.

He/She will have to monitor client behaviour, analyzing data, map the customer journey as well as prepare marketing campaigns on a regular basis.

Digital marketers need to be multi-skilled in the areas of analytic and creative thinking. It is a perfect blend of Left Brain, Right-Brain thinking.

The best digital marketers will draw out a clear plan of how various marketing strategies that will help them to accomplish their business goals. The success of these goals are measured with the help of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Types of Digital Marketing Elements

I. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the practice of optimizing your site to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Two aspects that go into SEO are:

  • The Quality of traffic you’re attracting to your website.
  • The Quantity of traffic- which means the number of people who visit your website by clicking through the search engine result pages (SERPs).

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media marketing is the process of gaining the attention of visitors and creating awareness about your product or service through social media websites.

For Example:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an inbound marketing approach which focuses on creating high-quality content to attract consumers.

It has become the main focus for many companies because it focuses on the customer first and is not viewed as spammy or invasive as can be the case with many other marketing forms.

Few channels that play a part in this strategy are as follows:

  • Blog-posts
  • E-books
  • Online brochures.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is a type of marketing campaign that is used to direct traffic to websites, in which the advertiser pays the publisher for displaying their ads on the top of search engines and their corresponding network sites.

Usually, the advertiser follows the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model of marketing, which means that the advertiser only pays when their ad is clicked. Google AdWords is the best example of this form of marketing.

Compared to SEO, PPC is not time-consuming and gives you instant results.

Brands also use social media paid ads on Facebook, promoted tweets on Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads which also follow the PPC model.

5. Email Marketing

Even with the explosion of so many marketing channels today, email still is said to be the most powerful tool to reach customers.

Through email, companies can track open rates, click rates and have complete control over their target audience. It can be tailored easily based on the customer’s needs and preferences.

The types of email campaigns that can be sent are as follows:

  • Customer welcome emails
  • Newsletters
  • Promoting discounts, vouchers and events.

6. Online PR

Online PR is a cost-effective way to market your product. Online Public Relations is all about influencing people and gaining their trust. It is similar to traditional PR but has minute differences as it takes place online.

The channels for Online PR consists of:

  • Engaging comments on a company’s websites.
  • Engaging in reporter outreach.
  • Connecting with Bloggers and Social Media Influencers
  • Submissions on Directory Websites

Besides this, there is also affiliate marketing wherein there is a scope for earning commission by promoting someone else’s products or services.


Digital marketing is a vast field with multiple disciplines within it. Mastering each of its disciplines requires training, dedication and a lot of practice.

Due to its ever-changing nature though, it also makes it one of the most exciting and dynamic fields to be a part of today.




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