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9 Nov

In News

It was end October and everyone was in a festive mood, as all students had decided to celebrate Diwali.

The F.Y.B. M. M. students from St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women took the initiative of organizing a grand party to celebrate this festival of lights.

After discussions of what the occasion should be named as, students came up with a conclusion, and decided to name it ONELLA. Onella is 
Greek for 'light' . Preparation for the party began one week prior to the actual date. Students went
searching for all the requirements of the occasion like small lanterns, matkas and rice lights. On the day
30th October, in the history of St. Pauls, Onella was celebrated for first time.

A joint celebration for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of the respective institutes.

Fun activities had been planned for that joyous day in the given time slot 2 pm to 6 pm. Mehak from F.Y.B. M. M. and Arhaan from
S.Y. B. B. A.  were anchors for the day. First event was Jenga Charades. A pile of Jenga blocks
were arranged with numbers written on it. Each number had a movie assigned to it. Audience was
divided into 4 groups along with the management. A person from each group had to come up and
remove a block from the pile making sure that pile does not fall. The member had to then enact the
movie name and other members of the group had to guess the movie name. Second event was Spill the
Tea. While distributing passes, each pass had a unique number. Random numbers were picked by the
hosts and two groups of five were made. Two groups named themselves Ginger Jelly and LIT. Each
team had assigned themselves number from 1-5. The anchor would call a number and same number
members had to perform a challenge in face off.

This event ended with everyone on the dance floor, including whole Management, dancing to Kajra Re and Chikni Chameli. Fr. Francis and Dean Carol  ended the events of the day by performing to the popular track 'Senorita'. The whatever time was left of the occasion, was used by the students to 
dance and enjoy the party. The whole occasion was a success.  The management, faculty and importantly fellow students were all impressed by the hardwork of B. M. M. students.

Riya Tiwari
(St Pauls Institute of Communication Education For Women- F.Y B. M. M.)

9 Oct
COMMFEST 2018|| Youth, Media and Democracy.

In News

CommFest 2018 || Youth, Media and Democracy

In the sixth year now, Commfest2018, a daylong conference style event for all media enthusiasts, was organised on 29th September 2018- with Youth, Media and Democracy as the central theme.

Leading luminaries across media, politics and advertising- all under one roof, enthusiastically- shared insights on several specializations, including reasons for success- perceived v/s actual their personal learnings, their motivations and on how they succeeded and changed the game.

Our stellar speakers are amongst the the biggest names in the media and journalism today. They were Shailesh Gandhi- the former Chief Election Commissioner; Magsaysay Award Winner & Sr. Journalist- P Sainath; Suraja Kishore- EVP & GM, McCann ,Saji Abraham- ED- LoweLintas;  Harshil Karia, MD & Co-Founder –SCHBANG; Veena Gidwani- PR exponent. These specialists, all spoke of the myriad ways the media plays an important role, including developing public thinking, thereby also influencing society in ways unimaginable.

The ‘Reporting’ session was particularly well received – especially with the acute focus on responsibility while reporting, the data source and how data ought not to be taken at face value. The interplay with ethics and a brand- the importance that a brand has to have a soul and conscience –for customers to invest in, or they (brands) will perish. Personal Values, Individuality and dreams; a link to a human side as essentials for a brand to succeed; brands moving to customers as brand ambassadors were some of the topics of discussion.

The grand finale of CommFest2018- the Intercollegiate Quiz saw the PG students from KC College walk away victorious with the first prize.

CommFest- in this format, is recommended for all media career aspirants, says Hinal Shah, a postgraduate student at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education. “Students should now start considering newer career opportunities within the media world, instead of the tried and tested streams like copywriting, servicing etc.” these were her closing words.


14 Sep
Fresher’s Party | Student Voice

In News

This academic year started on a nice and different note for us at St Pauls, as we (the second year students) organized our first fresher’s party for the new batch of F.Y.B.Voc and F.Y.B.M.M (from the women’s college) students. This event was organized on Tuesday, 11th September 2018.

Fresher’s Party- Netflix 2018 was entirely a team effort. As a student-team, we learnt how to organize, plan and run an event completely on our own for the very first time. We brainstormed, came up with bright ideas and choose the best amongst them - “Netflix”- to be the theme for the party. From then on, decisions were made regarding, the décor, logistics, refreshments, sound, etc. We are particularly proud of the décor and setup, as it was all done in a day’s time. We experienced firsthand how planning and execution is a difficult task to pull off, as it involves a lot of intense time management skills and communication skills.

On the other hand, we felt we could have planned the execution of the program better, especially the flow of event, we thought this was the impact of starting the décor and setup work pretty late in the day.

To sum it up, we’ve pretty much learned the dos and don’ts regarding a lot of things- related to organizing a program from start to finish, like coordination, team work, management skills, etc. We learnt how to manage various departments together and when pushed, figured how- to and managed to get all our work done, within the mandated time period. All in all, it was a good experience and everyone, specifically for the FY’s, who said they thoroughly enjoyed this program. So it all paid off.

We thank Fr. Dominic, Fr. Francis and especially our course coordinator Rebecca Madame, as without their support, we, the S.Y.BVoc, S.Y.B.B.A and S.Y.B.Sc students wouldn’t have had the opportunity to organize such a special event.

It was a great learning experience for us to organize such an event. We look forward to the management giving us more opportunities in the future to organize in-college events, especially the upcoming annual fest ‘Mediathon’.

- Arhaan Raje (S.Y.B.B.A), Deanne Fernandez (S.Y.B.Voc) and Team


19 Jul
SPICE MUMBAI: Launch of the New BMM & New Academic Year 2018-19

In News

St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, Mumbai held Inauguration Day Celebrations on Monday, July 16, 2018, to celebrate the launch the new Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) and Inauguration of the new academic year 2018-19 & the BMM undergraduate degree, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, is offered exclusively for ‘Women Students’. About 220 guests, students, faculty, parents, and well-wishers of the Institute and Society of St Paul, attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony attended by Rev. Fr Varghese Gnalian, Provincial Superior, Rev Fr. Dr. Dominic D’Silva, Director- St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, Chief Guest Ms. Faye D’Souza, Executive Editor, Mirror Now and  Dr. Sunder Rajdeep, Chairman Board of Studies, University of Mumbai, students, parents, faculty got to know about the new academic year in store at the institute.

Faye Dsouza Carol Andrade and Valariya Colaco

The ceremony commenced with a prayer urging us to be the light which makes students put their talents for the betterment of society. This was then followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by all the dignitaries.

After an introductory speech by Rev Fr. Dominic D’silva, Director, who spoke about his high hope towards communication media research, with impact on communication today & its ability to influence society, and the institute’s plan and processes in place to help students build successful media careers.

Speeches by distinguished guests continued. Rev. Fr. Gnalian spoke about the Pauline Communication Mission, the vision, and mission and the tie in with media- studies today. He also blessed the institute, the chief guest and other dignitaries and audience members, while declaring the new academic year open.

Then Chief Guest, Mirror Now Executive Editor- Mrs. Faye D’Souza took to the podium to deliver the keynote address. A well-respected journalist, she spoke about contemporary India and the role of the media today. She spoke about the role of the (educational) institute in training future media professionals, and the power of ‘not hiding your voice’ but engaging in and questioning the discussions and decisions rolled out by the government and ‘powers that may be’.

Drawing further inference from the multi-religious prayer, Ms. D’souza, expounded on being the ‘salt of the earth’, laying emphasis on ethics and conscience; the sense of right and wrong; developing a circle of influence, the attitude of hard work, -and even the ability to spell correctly, (drawing amused smiles from the faculty members in audience) - all the while ‘thinking of the job ahead of you’ as a media professional.

Dr. Sunder Rajdeep, with his warm and encouraging words about St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, spoke of the institute’s continued focus on media studies, to make media education accessible to all, especially- women. He officially launched the Bachelor of Mass Media program at this ceremony and presented Rev. Fr. Gnalian with approval letters to commence the new course.

Dean Carol Andrade, gave warm and encouraging words, speaking about the impact of reporting, the influence media has on society while focusing on the tremendous impact of the fragile press-media-society relationship. She wished all students ‘ Good Luck, telling them to prepare well for the work they have to undertake during the academic year.

Fr. Francis Xavier, Asst. Director delivered the vote of thanks and mementos were presented to the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honor and the Provincial Superior respectively.

After the inaugural ceremony, several guests toured the campus to see the state- of- the -art facilities, while some students waited on to click pictures with the popular, well respected and well regarded Ms. D’Souza.

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