The Certificate Course in Film Making is a unique program where the participants will learn the art and technique of film making and create a 4 minute portfolio film. You can learn the basics of Direction needed for Film and Theatre like writing a script and screenplay, framing, lighting, music, camera techniques, editing and post-production.

The Craft of Filmmaking is a three-week intensive workshop introducing students to the fundamentals of all genres of Filmmaking. The workshop is a full-time program. Students must be prepared to make a serious time and effort commitment to its’ completion. Classes and hands-on workshops are held every day of the week and some weekend time is reserved for additional classes or shooting as required. Extracurricular time could be spent brainstorming, writing, casting, location search, set and production design, location scouting, and editing and post-production.


• SCRIPT: your key idea, what is the film trying to say and to whom?

• Visual storytelling: How to tell a story in words and images

• Choosing characters for the film (depending on the Genre of Film)

• Scouting Locations

• Getting Permission: The IPR of Filmmaking

• The Shoot(s)

• Cameras, lenses and different methods of shooting short film

• Aperture, ISO and their relationships: the foundation of camera work

• Set-up Focus and Shoot, Shooting a scene

• Close up / Mid Scene / Wide Shot, different points of view

• Lighting; Natural and Lighting Systems, understanding the difference

• Using natural light / ambient light Shooting

• Sound: The Core Information and Processes to get good sound

• Voice over, post-production Sound

• Editing and Finalizing a script

• EDITING: Selecting the best to make the story powerful

• Post-Production ~ Sound, pacing, and Final Cut

• Titles and Credits.

To help understand the course better we encourage students to have their own personal smartphone, that is one of many camera tools that they may use.

Learning Outcomes:

Students achieving success in this course will understand all of the different types of

specialized work that is involved with making a short film.

Students will be able to discover where their interests lie in this complex and multi-faceted

form of Visual Communication.

In order for each student to finish the work, students will be working in Teams assisting

each other in the completion of the films.

Certificates are awarded on completion of assignments and adequate attendance

(80% compulsory)


  • Your key idea, what is the film trying to say and to whom?


  • The Basics of Direction – Film, Theatre.
  • The Executor of the Script / screenplay / stage play. The Captain of the Ship. [What does the ‘Director’ Need / what makes a good director].
  • Understanding: Premise – Tone – Lighting – Shot size – Framing – Intent / intention – Actors : Strengths / weaknesses – Stage Blocking [Sound stage / Sets].
  • Understanding the cause and effects of music in a dramatic curve.
  • Interaction with students and role playing [Playing the Director].

Camera and lighting

  • Detailing of Panasonic AG – AC160 HDV camera
  • Introduction to lights
  • Attributes of visual image
  • Basic lighting techniques
  • Exposure, focus, aperture, shutter, colour temp.
  • Camera operation, framing, composition
  • Independent lighting and camera operation.


  • At the end of the workshop each student must make his or her own short 3 minute film.

3 Weeks


From 10 th to 31 st , May 2017
Hitesh Adwani

Hitesh Adwani has an MBA in Management from SP Jain School of Management, Mumbai with over ten years experience as Production Manager and Director of The Choice Fashions Pvt. Ltd.  A keen freelance photographer and cinematographer, he conducts Photography and Videography classes and works as a Producer in film shoots. 


Shilpi Barta Adwani

Shilpi Barta Adwani has an MA in Mass Communications from AJK MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi with ten years of international experience in both Documentary Filmmaking and Mass Media Project Management. She is an independent filmmaker, educator and creative business entrepreneur with a special interest in social issues and projects involving the preservation of cultural heritage.

FEES Rs 24,840 (Inclusive of Taxes)


Government Taxes are liable to changes.


Note: Fees once paid, will not be refunded.

Film Making

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